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Interstate 71 miscellany thread (Ohio Mile 61 to Cleveland)

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The project to reconfigure access to Stringtown Rd from 71 south and 270 is being pushed up, and could start as soon as next year:


It looks a bit like the project scope stops just shy of fixing the deficient merge of the I-71 SB to I-270 WB ramp where it meets the accelerating NB to WB ramp.

They are now calling this the "South Side Mega Fix" and it includes widening I-71 from Stringtown Rd to I-70/OH 315

I don't recall seeing this project mentioned elsewhere, and I figure it fits this thread:

Currently listed under TRAC tier II is this project to add an interchange on I-71 at Big Walnut Road. This would be exit 124, 3 miles north of Polaris Parkway/Gemini Place, 7 miles south of US 36/OH 37. Construction could start in 2023 at the earliest.

I think I noticed that in the MORPC long-range transportation plan


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