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Expanded Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas toll transponder interoperability now here!

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Hmmm..  This might not end up happening.  At least yet.  My friend took a spill on his motorcycle, messed up his knee pretty badly.  Don't know yet what restrictions he may be under when move time happens.

As I mentioned in another thread, my friend and I did this moving trip on June 22-24.  He only gave a token effort at trying to update his K-Tag account to include a trailer.  Basically, he did two things:

  1.  Before leaving (the night before?), he went on the internet to look for a way to change it online.  He didn't see one.

  2.  When we passed through the southern terminus barrier plaza of the KTA, he told the attendant that the "THANK YOU" sign didn't flash at him upon entry.  He asked her if his tag read and if he was charged the correct amount.  The attendant merely answered that it had workedódidn't say anything about what rate was charged.

So I have no idea how it ended up working out.  It's not my K-Tag, it's not my bank account, it's not my fight to try and fight from a house in Mexico if anything ends up going wrong, so I guess I only care so much.

A week later, though, I took a family vacation to Galveston.  Our PikePass read correctly at every point:  KTA south of Wichita, Pres. George Bush Turnpike all the way from I-35E to I-20, Beltway 8 as a bypass around Houston from I-45 to I-45.  I verified it online just now.


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