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Saw where the widening project on the WV Turnpike at Beckley is finished, and people are already complaining about the pavement being rough.

It's not technically finished - the final layer of pavement will be added next year. I had to drive it yesterday and found it to have six through lanes continuous in each direction with seven or eight lane segments to account for climbing lanes. Significant portions have just 4' right shoulders because of the climbing lanes which is commonplace elsewhere in the state, but some of these climbing lanes are essentially defacto extensions of the right lane which makes it an odd design choice.

Some new signage still remains to be added. Also odd that one of the new signs at the Harpers Rd. / SR 3 interchange states I-64/77 has two through lanes when it really has three.


--- Quote from: seicer on November 25, 2021, 09:49:08 AM ---It's not technically finished - the final layer of pavement will be added next year.

--- End quote ---

So they're driving on base? Happens pretty often, but WVDOT could at least have mentioned in their Facebook post announcing the completion that final paving wasn't done yet.

If we open a new road with traffic running on base, with the final paving to be done under traffic, I always make it a point to mention that so drivers will expect rough pavement.

They are also still enforcing the 55 MPH limit through the entire work zone even though there is zero activity and no work ongoing. Saw four troopers Wednesday.


--- Quote from: SP Cook on November 22, 2021, 09:39:26 AM ---WV Turnpike tolls will go up to a whopping $4.25/ per booth, with the annual pass going from $25 to $26.50, January 1st. 

Law allows a 5% increase every 3 years.

--- End quote ---

Well... as a graduate of secondary education in West Virginia I am not surprised they couldn't figure out that a 5% increase would actually be $4.20 (and $26.25). Some things never change.

One thing they might be able to figure out, you keep charging more to drive a highway that for the most part is built on an alignment from 1955, the natives will indeed get restless.


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