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US 89:

--- Quote from: andy3175 on March 25, 2021, 10:19:39 AM ---
--- Quote ---the Gooding County (Utah) Sheriff’s Office
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Hm. This happened in Gooding County, Idaho...


Here is a Tour of I-84 by freewaybrent.

The north-south Idaho 16 expressway/ freeway planning continues in the Treasure Valley just west of Boise:

--- Quote --- A new freeway-like road that will run north to south in the center of the Treasure Valley just took a big step forward.

The Idaho Transportation Department announced it would outlay $170 million to build the Central Valley (Highway 16) Expressway, connecting Interstate 84 to the current Highway 16, eventually running to Emmett.

Right now, Highway 16 ends at Chinden Blvd., but as BoiseDev was the first to report in 2018, the long-term plans would build out a north-south freeway of sorts. The project started with the portion of the road from State St. to Chinden Blvd., which crews completed in 2014.

The project would include a large Flying Wye-style interchange with I-84 and a large interchange at Ustick Rd. It would be largely free of traditional stoplights or other stops. Some roadways would not directly intersect with the new Highway 16, like Cherry Ln., which would pass under the new highway.

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Plutonic Panda:
Great article from Construction Equipment Magazine about dozens of projects funded and soon to start around Idaho:

--- Quote --- The Idaho Transportation Board approved dozens of new road projects across every corner of the state during its regular monthly meeting in Lewiston. The projects include $350 million in construction work that is expected to begin sometime next year.

Many of the projects are part of Idaho Gov. Brad Little's "Building Idaho's Future" transportation funding solution.

"Idaho is the fastest growing state in the nation," Gov. Little said. "To keep up with the demands of a fast-growing state, our historic transportation funding solution helps save Idahoans' time, keeps us safe on our roads, and makes our state's economy even stronger. I appreciate the Idaho Transportation Board for acting quickly to put these new funds to work."

Projects approved that are ready now include $170 million of transportation expansion and congestion mitigation (TECM) funds to expand Idaho State Highway 16 from its current location at U.S.-20/26 (Chinden Boulevard) to Interstate 84. The board also dedicated $37 million of TECM funds to expand U.S.-20/26 to four lanes from Middleton Road to I-84. Both projects should be under construction next year and will likely be bonded.

In addition, the board approved approximately $140 million in projects with one-time funds from the Building Idaho's Future program, along with federal and state COVID Relief funds. This statewide group of projects is focused on critical maintenance and safety needs for highways and bridges from Ashton in eastern Idaho, to the Magic Valley and north to Wallace.
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- read more here:


--- Quote from: US 89 on May 05, 2020, 07:32:44 PM ---Apparently Idaho has a new state highway shield design, which they're using on both BGSs and standalone shields. Looks like it's been the new standard since Idaho updated their state MUTCD supplement in 2016.

(photo from corcohighways)

Compare to the old BGS design:

And the old standalone design:

So essentially, they've inverted the colors and removed the state name, producing a shield that I think looks disgusting especially on a BGS. The numbers look like they're floating away. Maybe a border would help somewhat in that regard, but I still think this was a major step in the wrong direction for a state that has generally produced quite good signage overall.

--- End quote ---
Okay, not really a fan of these. They don't look too bad as markers on a BGS, but as shields, they need a border. They remind me a bit of California's first miner spades:

And then within a year or so, they went to this:

See? Even back in the 1930s, you needed to have a border to hold all the elements together. Especially at night, you'll just see a number seemingly floating on its own. That said, I do think removing the state name is fine in this case. It didn't seem necessary when you already had a silhouette of the state itself. Honestly, if a border was added, these would actually be fine.

I did like Idaho's inverted shields, but I guess doing it this way saves on cost.


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