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What road did you leave on and reenter your state when you left it?

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--- Quote from: hbelkins on September 22, 2021, 12:29:03 PM ---
--- Quote from: index on September 22, 2021, 09:43:30 AM ---Two most recent trips were both into TN this month:

Sep 12: Left, re-entered on US 321. Took a day trip to Watauga Lake with a few people.

Yesterday: Left on US 421, re-entered on US 321. Went to Johnson City to get my phone camera fixed (and I have to go back because they ordered the wrong part...) and Elizabethton to see a friend.

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From Boone to Johnson City, entering Tennessee on 421? What route did you take past Mountain City?

I've said before that my go-to route to Boone is to take US 23 and Alternate US 58 to Abingdon, then US 58 to Damascus, then VA/TN 91 to Mountain City.  But that seems a bit out of the way if you're going as far south as Johnson City, and I have no desire to cross the mountain between Mountain City and Bristol ever again. I've driven 321 between Boone and Hampton once, and while it wasn't a picnic, I liked it better than 421.

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I took 421 out of Boone, headed west on SR 67 at Mountain City, then on to 321/19E for the final stretch to Johnson City. SR 67 is a more scenic alternative to taking 321 all the way to the Tri-Cities (with a lot more opportunities to pass slow traffic) and only adds 5-10 minutes of extra travel time, although if you drive faster it's likely on par with or edges out 321, especially considering you can speed on 421 + 67 but can't really speed on 321.

I actually think I prefer it to 321 due to the passing opportunities - 321 is very curvy between Vilas and Hampton, so you only get a handful of risky passing zones to try your luck with, I'd never mess with them at night. I don't mind the curves themselves but it's getting stuck behind tourists/slow drivers that makes me go bonkers. SR 67 has a generous amount of climbing lanes and passing zones though, with traffic light enough that you have good opportunities to use them, and the views are a lot more impressive. I really want to drive it when the leaves change.

My route looked something like this:

Took US-412 out of Arkansas week before last, but didn't re-enter by road.  Took a one-way road trip with my brother and his 1996 4Runner back to his condo 4 blocks from the Space Needle in Seattle.  It was an almost 3000 mile trip that was on Interstate highways less than half the time.

Took US-412 west until it ended on I-25 in NM.  Popped over through Cimarron Canyon to Angel Fire, Taos, and Santa Fe before running I-25 up to Colorado Springs, actually Manitou Springs specifically.  Did Garden of the Gods, Glen Eyrie and the Pikes Peak cog rail, then took US-24 all the way through Leadville and Minturn until taking I-70 to Grand Junction.  Then popped down to Moab via a BLM semi-paved road to UT-128 for the most breaktaking stretch of the whole trip.  Took US-191 up through UT until US-6, then US-6 into the Salt Lake metro.  Took I-15 through the most horrid stretch of travel for the whole trip, and it wasn't even close to rush hour!  That metro seems to carry on FOREVER.  Took US-89 to Logan, UT, then UT-30 back to I-15.  Continued on I-15 up to Pocatello, then Idaho Falls.  Left Idaho Falls and drove onward on I-15 next to Butte, then I-90 to Missoula, MT.  Took US-93N/MT/ID-200W to Sandpoint, ID, then US-95S to Coeur d'Alene.  Finished I-90W to Seattle, did a large amount of walking, including onto the Bainbridge Is. ferry and back, then darted back to NWA as directly as possible through Denver by air a couple days later.  Seattle sure isn't as fun a place as the last several times I visited.  Suffered through some really pushy panhandlers that would try to work you for a block and a half before moving on to the next target.  A lot more tents in the streets, and one tweaker looked like he was humping a car door, but in reality was breaking into it in broad daylight, likely due to the absence of unappreciated and de-funded police.  Sure must grind on the soul to deal with that on a regular basis.  I pray for my brother and am glad he got out for a couple of weeks to get some perspective of normalcy in Arkansas.

I had forgotten about TN 67. I think I've been across it from Mountain City to 321 once, but remember very little about it, and don't remember the passing lanes.

US-17 VA/NC both ways.


NY/PA: I-81
PA/WV: I-70
WV/OH: I-70 (it's under major, MAJOR construction in Wheeling)


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