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Hi all. I noticed there isn't a thread on our regional board that pertains to the current under construction Interstate 490, the route that will bypass around O'Hare on the west side, connecting I-90, I-294, and IL-390. If anyone has any news, photos, opinions or information of anything related to the project, I'd love to see them here.

Personally I'm mainly curious to see some pictures if anything's going on other than work over I-90. Hopefully as time goes on, we'll get to see more stuff. :nod:

There is one on the Elgin Ohare  but there is so little new construction coming IllInois either from I DOT  it the Folks at I think deserves its own thread.
Fun fact . This area has the highest concentration of manufacturing jobs inn the state.


--- Quote from: 3467 on December 02, 2019, 07:11:02 PM ---Fun fact . This area has the highest concentration of manufacturing jobs in the state.

--- End quote ---
Must have something to do with the wide array of Transportation options...Giant Airport, huge Rail Yards, and multiple Major Interstate Highways

Not exactly sure what exact area you are defining, tho. Just the land immediately to the west of ORD?

I need to link it. Illinois has a publication where workers work in metro Chicago. It matches well with public directories like Illinois Manufacturer Diectory.
Yes there was huge movement out of Chicago after the War but yes it was an ideal area rail lines highways and the airport and lots of cheap land for more efficient single story buildings as opposed to old multi story buildings.

Another interesting trend you can see is the high number of temp jobs in the town's with the most manufacturing jobs. It wasn't just China. There were 16 million manufacturing jobs excluding clothing which all went to China in the 90s and early part of Century but now there are 13 million. But then there were less than half a million temps now there are over a million and a half in manufacturing and this report prices it.So we are down about 2 million a mix of China automation and mergers.

As many are aware the 490 O'Hare Bypass was held up by an issue of ISTHA and the CP Railroad coming to a land use agreement over and around the CP Bensenville Yards immediately south of the airport.

ISTHA has already demolished and cleared land between the I-294 to Irving Park Road and also up on the north side where the Jane Addams intersection will be. (used to be a toll plaza)

The land along York Road and where I-390 (EOH) and I-490 will meet has been in IDOT hands for an eternity. (since the 1970's).

CDOA (Chicago Department of Aviation) has stockpiled so much dirt east of York Road, you could probably fill Lake Michigan with it.  Most of it is for jet noise abatement., but space has been allotted to get the highway built.

Honestly its going to be a real squeeze through there, with Irving Park Road, the CP and UP railroads, York Road and I-490 all on top of it. I just hope a super jumbo doesn't fall short of 10C or 10L and decide to land on top it.

The UP has had to move that ROW some 3 or 4 times since the 50's back when it was the CNW.

ISTHA has pulled down the I-390 part of the site, so there are no maps to show at the moment.


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