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I don't know if this quite qualifies for this section, but...

What are some road trips some of you are taking in street view with google maps. I am trying to go all the way from the west to the east coast using I-90.

There is someone on Twitter who generally comments about the NY subway who decided to do a Seattle to NYC road trip via streetsview:

While the threadreader sees to only capture the first part of the trip, if you follow his posts from June to mid-October you can get all the way across the counrty.  He labeled it #SEANYC, a play on scenic, and very good job of explaining the parts along the way that he was interested in.  He very rarely stayed on the interstate.

Max Rockatansky:
I used Google Maps images at the height of the pandemic to help illustrate highway articles in Northern California (granted, these are all highways Iíve drive before).  Now that Iíve gone back and obtained new photo stock Iím replacing those Google images with my stuff.  I may employ the practice in the future if I feel a Highway has an interesting story I want to talk about but donít have sufficient photo stock to illustrate. 

Aside from that, I have zero interest in really exploring anything new to me full scale by way of Google Maps.  I usually scout out highways I drive for points of interest but I also not having roads spoiled completely.

I find "driving" with Street View a bit too cumbersome. It crashes way too frequently if I keep clicking around to "go" anywhere. I usually just plop myself down at an intersection or interchange and explore that. Then exit the view and move somewhere else.

Right now Iím following the entire length of US 20 from Newport, OR, to Boston, MA. (Before that, I traced US 1 from Fort Kent, ME, to Key West, FL - and I also followed the path of the old Lincoln Highway from NYC to San Francisco.)


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