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The entire length of the Edens Expressway

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--- Quote from: Flint1979 on July 28, 2021, 02:08:10 PM ---Niles is barely over the border you couldn't even possibly experience enough of Michigan on a trip to Niles and then back to Chicago.

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I once drove to Union Pier, MI.  We crossed the far south suburbs of Chicago during the Friday afternoon rush hour.  Once we got past I-65, traffic on I-94 cleared up.  It was like someone pulled the rope on the chute at a rodeo.  All across northern Indiana and into the tip of Michigan, I found myself going 88 mph but not passing very many cars:  at least three of them nearby were going the same speed I was.

Now imagine if, after that experience, I purported to say what driving is like in Indiana and Michigan!

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Sounds normal. I've driven in Chicago and back and forth so many times I have the experience pretty much down pat. That is about where the traffic scatters and everyone seems to get moving after that point on all expressways involved.

I pulled a cra_shit today. I was on NB M-13 in Bay City. This is the intersection where SB M-13 turns onto Broadway but I was coming the other direction and making a right onto M-84 the right turn green arrow was on and a car was sitting across the lane stopped and blocking traffic from going through so I laid on the horn. After we made our turn the car made a right turn into rite aid and the driver flicked me off, i flicked her off back.


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