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New England to Minnesota trip in August


Might as well post this now.  Two weeks from today, I'm embarking on my first trip back to Minnesota in 3 years.  Primarily to handle family business (we had a number of deaths in the family last year), but I'm also taking full advantage to make a decent roadtrip out of it.

I've already got my preliminary itinerary and routing set.  I'm intending to capture as much unclinched mileage as I a result I won't have much travel on Interstates or other freeways except or unless I need to make up some time.  Not intending to make any stops to do touristy stuff (though I will have my bicycle with me).  But any information on road closures would be useful.  My itinerary is too detailed to fully list out but here's a generalization:

Day 1:  Vermont, Utica (via NY 8, one of my few remaining Adirondack routes), Syracuse (to visit a college friend), Geneva, Dansville, Salamanca (NY).
Day 2:  Salamanca, Jamestown (NY), Meadville (PA), Jamestown (PA), Warren (OH), Ravenna, Akron, Lodi, US 224 to Huntington (IN).
Day 3:  IN 16 across Indiana, Kankakee (IL), Streator, Princeton, IL 26 to Freeport, US 20 to Dubuque, Allison (IA), Charles City, Osage, Northwood (IA), Albert Lea (MN).

On the return:

Day 1:  MN/IA 60 to Sioux City (have not taken it since it was 4-laned and the bypasses in Iowa built), US 20 to Waterloo.
Day 2:  Waterloo (IA), Cedar Rapids, Amana Colonies, Old US 6 to Quad Cities, Kewanee (IL), Peoria, US 24 to Forrest, Rantoul (IL), Lafayette (IN).
Day 3:  Lafayette to Indianapolis (visit friends and my wife's aunt)
Day 4:  Indianapolis (IN), Pendleton, Greenville (OH), Minster, Russels Point, Ada, Upper Sandusky, US 30 (generally) to Lisbon, East Palestine (OH), New Castle (PA), Barkeyville (PA).
Day 5:  Barkeyville (PA), Shippenville, US 322 to Clearfield, Karthaus, Bellefonte, lunch in State College with alumni, Mill Hall, Montoursville, Dushore, Tunkhannock, Lenox, Lanesboro (PA), McClure (NY), Afton, Albany (NY).

Going for a clinch of Illinois 18? The fact that you have to do so much dodging around to get new mileage means that your rank on TM is assuredly much, much higher than mine  :D

Why yes, as it turns out, my plan would indeed net me all of IL 18.  But that was more by accident than by design.


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