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9/5/21 Onondaga County Mini-Meet


Greetings from Fayetteville, NY, site of our late summer last-minute road meet. Those of us in attendance enjoyed the last button copy in Syracuse on I-695 and in the NY State Fairgrounds (with cat-eyes!) and the Taste of Utica street sign ad. We got souvenir NYSDOT water bottles at the fair then left via the brand new fairgrounds entrance ramp to 690 east and moved on to the Limestone Creek Aqueduct on the old Erie Canal - 19th century roads! Finally our tour took us to the Fremont Rd CSX Bridge.  Josh S, Adam M, and Daniel G all met to make this an afternoon to remember.

I-695?  In Syracuse?

There is also button copy on Brighton Ave.

I was out of town this weekend, otherwise I could have made it.

Ooh good to know about Brighton. If this had only been planned in advance.


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