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Seeking routing advice: Grant County WV to Harrisburg PA

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Looking for routing suggestions on getting from US 48 (Corridor H) in Grant County, WV, at the intersection with Knobley Road, to the intersection of the PA Turnpike and I-283/PA 283 near Harrisburg, PA. Prefer something reasonably quick that involves as little of Virginia or of I-81 as possible, and would prefer to avoid the Turnpike if I can, and also would like to stay off of US 15 north of Frederick, MD.

My goal is to clinch the new section of Corridor H, and then from there get to PA 283 as fast as I can while trying to stay off routes I've already driven.

One possibility is Patterson Creek Road north from Corridor H -- which is signed as "To Route 50" -- to US 220 north through Keyser to Cumberland, then I-68 east to US 522 north to the Turnpike. Comments? How's the county route in West Virginia, and how is that stretch of US 522?

Another possibility is to backtrack on US 48 to WV 93 and then take that to US 50 to WV 972 to US 220.


--- Quote from: hbelkins on November 29, 2012, 09:34:05 PM ---Another possibility is to backtrack on US 48 to WV 93 and then take that to US 50 to WV 972 to US 220.

--- End quote ---

I just did WV 93 from US 48 to US 50, earlier this month.  Reasonably straight and fast, plus it puts you on US 50 east of its long and steep downgrades.  I don't remember how was US 50 between WV 93 and WV 972 -- did that segment long ago.  From WV 972 into Maryland to hook up with I-68, pretty smooth sailing, with slowdowns in one town along the way. 

If you take WV 42, from US 50, to WV 93 and US 48, that will take you around the above-mentioned downhill on US 50, plus you'll get to see some construction for future US 48 segments.  But check the weather, when I went earlier this month there was snow on the ground and shoulders around Mt. Storm, though the travel lanes were clear.

Not sure how I will be approaching the intersection of WV 42 and WV 93 near Bismarck yet. Depends on if I stay Thursday night in Weston/Elkins or in the Clarksburg/Fairmont area.

I've driven all of US 50 and US 220 in West Virginia and Maryland, and I've also done US 220 from Cumberland to Bedford several times. The PA Turnpike from Bedford to Harrisburg was OK the first couple of times I drove it, but now there is nothing particularly intriguing about it.

I prefer to stay off I-81 because I've driven it several times too, and I have to hassle with taking down my radar detector when entering Virginia and then putting it back up when I leave.

My goal here is to drive the new portion of US 48 and then get to the intersection of the PA Turnpike and I-283/PA 283 as quickly as possible, preferably not driving a familiar route. From there I plan to take PA 283 to US 222 and then clinch I-176.

potential suggestion:

using MD 36, MD 35, PA 96 then US 30 east as far as you want....

I've never driven any of that except US 30 from Bedford to Breezewood which is wide open and easy...


I agree with Mapmikey about PA 96.  It's a nice change of pace from US 220 between Cumberland and Bedford.


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