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Author Topic: Roadtrip report- TN, NC  (Read 2331 times)


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Roadtrip report- TN, NC
« on: December 09, 2012, 04:58:22 PM »

Just a few notes from my trip down there early last month.

*What's the backstory behind the huge lighted cross at Cookeville? I couldn't find much on the internet.

*TN doesn't light all of their interchanges, but when they do it's as bright as a stadium with 10? light towers. Much appreciated even if it's a bit excessive.

*The Alcoa arch was cool

*Drove around Cades Cove. I learned that whenever a bunch of cars are stopped to stop also because there might be something worth seeing. I got a nice video of a juvenile bear rummaging around for acorns.

*Drove I-40 across the mountains at night in the rain. It must be pretty in the day but I've only been on it at night. Trucks were only doing 35 and I wasn't about to try passing them.

*I always like Asheville, it reminds me a lot of Duluth in layout and atmosphere.

*Went back via US 74 and I-24 through Chatanooga in order to do something different. I can see why they're trying to build an expressway all the way, traffic wasn't heavy but I imagine it would be in the summer and the traffic would conflict with the people just trying to avoid the area.

*I wanted to clinch US 74 east of Asheville but I didn't know where it ended offhand (and I didn't have a smarthphone to look it up) so I drove both the bypass and the through town route in Cleveland, on the in town route there is no sign where US 64 takes a turn to the left so I drove way out of town before realizing I missed the turn.  Did find a really cool old GE 4-way signal hanging in town.

*Drove through Georgia and into Alabama and back  to clinch two more states. Some rather spectacular signs for fireworks just across the border in TN.

This is my third fly+drive trip that included North Carolina, more than any other state. I've been to areas that are nice in their own right, the Florida Keys, the Pac Northwest, the CO Front Range, but NC is the only state where I've thought it would be nice to live there permanently. My sister likes it a lot too.


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Re: Roadtrip report- TN, NC
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2012, 11:14:32 AM »

Kind words about North Carolina. As a lifelong resident, who has lived in both the western part and (currently) the Eastern Part, I have to agree...!
Interstates I've driven on (Complete and/or partial, no particular order)
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