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Elgin-O'Hare Tollway

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With IL-390, on the west end, I predict it will just get finished to County Farm Rd, or US-20. 2nd prediction is it will sit as is till end of time. Too many rich NIMBY's there.


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--- Quote from: 3467 on September 17, 2021, 05:52:33 PM ---With 255 it's a hybrid a spur and belt. It ends on an NHS route with lots of 4 lane segments.
I agree on 394. Illinois 1 17 and I57 is only 2 miles longer but fewer towns and usually a better ride to the Dan Ryan a certainly now better to the tri state .

Since we are on It any more routes Illinois could try for the red white and blue.
They did try 34 as 174 . I would try something different now.

To avoid fictional I am asking for routes that exist now that can meet the standard.
The only roads Illinois is planning now are expressways so no new interstates.

I can only think Il 6 and 390 along with 34 and 255.

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US 20 bypass around Rockford, west of 39, could be I-139.  I don't US 20 being upgraded further west in my lifetime.

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With perhaps maybe the possibility of a Galena bypass.


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