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Move from Silverdale to San Diego - Day 3


Woke up from the bed at the Ocean Suites in Brookings, Oregon. Got ready for another day of the trip. It was already almost 10:00 AM PDT as I got on back on 101 once again. Then, I entered the state of California but then I had to stop at some weird custom station. I wonder what that is. Anyway, the lady at one of the booths asked me if I had any fruit. I said no, since I didn't like any fruit. She let me go while I stopped at the Denny's in Crescent City. Experienced the first freeway stretch since Route 3 back in Washington. Got a small breakfast before going down through the Redwood Forest. No, I did not stop at the tourist attractions except for one with the Paul Bunyan statue up front. It was Trees of Mystery, took the gondola up to a vista point where I looked at the beauty of Pacific Ocean and Redwood trees with no sounds of cars passing by.

Tried some of their fudge before going down near Arcata, where I had to stop for gas. Thank god for no gas attendants unlike Oregon. Got back on as I entered the city of Eureka. It was pretty interesting, too bad I couldn't get on the bridge that served CA State Route 255. There was a Marie Callender's and since I heard they had pretty good chicken pot pies, I stopped by. It was near the Bayshore Mall. I hated the food there, it was totally disgusting and left a small tip for the waitress.

I skipped the Avenue of Giants, because, fuck that. I rather not take a tourist road. Drove down a little farther until I got on the famous Route 1 in Leggett. There was a lot of curves to go through and it was foggy by the time I reached Westport. I arrived at Fort Bragg, where I checked into the hotel for the night. It was Surf Motel I believe. I also got some snacks to snack on at the local Safeway which wasn't far from the hotel.

Lights out.

The State of California  has Agricultural Inspection Stations on all major highways entering the state. The purpose of them is to prevent any agricultural pests from entering the state.


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