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Winston Salem to Rockingham NC

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I will be travelling this route to Myrtle Beach. Usually I enter into Winston Salem on US 52, take Green Shield I 40 E to  Blue Shield I 40 (Greensboro area) to US 220 S. 

The route choices have been greatly improved over the years, but what's the best option? 

Sometimes Saturday beach traffic jams terribly in this area in the summer from Myrtle Beach all the way up I 77 to Charleston WV.

At least, take I 73 from I 40 to US 220 (in transition from Future to I 73) in Greensboro. An alternative is to stay on US 52 to Green 40 in Winston and take US 311 (in transition to I 74) to US 220 (in transition to I 73/74). The last few miles of the I 74 freeway coming up to US 220 is still under construction. It is supposed to be complete in April. Before then, that route has seven miles of two lane US 311 to bridge the gap.

Thanks dfilpus.  Is the 2 lane US 311 marked well and / or have a lot of stoplights / traffic?  I may give that a try.

Yeah, it is.  Just drove that stretch Sunday afternoon.  You can actually see the advance signs on the soon-to-be finished I-74 approaching 73/220. 

Traffic on US 311 can vary enormously. There is usually some truck traffic during the day. On weekends, there are a couple of flea markets which can cause congestion right around them. US 311 crosses the new I 74 freeway, so you can see some of the new freeway and its signage.


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