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Moving to Arizona - Need feedback on trip idea


Around late June and early July, I'll be moving to Arizona with my family. They want to see Crater Lake and Lake Tahoe, so I suggested we take US 97 and US 395 for such an experience. I was also thinking about following whatever is left of US 91 to Las Vegas and taking US 93 down from Vegas to Kingman. From there I suggested using US 66 to get to I-17 taking us to our final destination in Phoenix. I also thought I'd mention that we're bringing our 12 year old tabby cat. So now comes the questions: Is this itinerary a good idea? Also, does anyone know of any hotel chains that allow pets?

I can definitely get hotel suggestions in Nevada or Arizona if you know where you want to spend the night- my folks have stayed in just about every reasonably populated town in Northern AZ/Nevada with pets. I know they typically stay at Holiday Inn Expresses and Best Westerns, and in particular have had great luck re:pets with the HIE in North Las Vegas up by Nellis.

I'd think that's a great itinerary. 91 is going to be a bit out of the way, but you knew that. I'd probably forgo that detour and cut over to US-95 from Bishop and then maybe try to work southern Utah in to the trip a little bit (which, I guess would mean forgoing Hoover Dam, so however you weigh one over the other I guess). But yeah, that should still be quite fun.

The part of old 66 that starts out as AZ 66 is definitely worth the drive. It gets a bit forgettable after Seligman, but definitely do the drive through Williams. After that, old 66 is Deer Park Rd. in the forest. It's a REALLY AWESOME drive, but it's unpaved. (Well-graded red dirt, no potholes that I recall, some great scenery in the distance and right up against the road.) Check my site ( and see what you think.


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