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Monticello, NY meet trip report


After some question about whether or not I would be able to attend the Monticello, NY meet, due to a family pet that required emergency surgery last Wednesday night, she recovered well enough that I was able to make the trip with only a mild alteration in routing or schedule. I had originally intended to leave Thursday afternoon and travel via I-64 and I-81 to Staunton, Va., overnight there, then travel the remainder of the route Friday. Instead, I left home Friday morning and changed my route a bit.

Friday: from Kentucky, I-64 east, I-79 north, I-68 east, I-81 north, US 22/322 west, PA 147 north, US 209 north, I-84 east, US 6 east to Goshen, NY.

Nothing new to report on the trip through West Virginia and Maryland, which I've made many times. I did encounter a couple of work zones on I-79 in Lewis County that left me scratching my head as to why traffic control was set up the way it was. (I'll be making a separate post on that and also sending an email of complaint to WVDOT, I doubt it will make any difference but at least they'll know I disliked the way they had their lane closures set up).

Just once, i wish I could drive I-68 in good weather. Encountered snow in the higher elevations west of Cumberland.

The purpose of this routing was to clinch US 209 in Pennsylvania. It's an interesting drive and the route passes through a number of towns with interesting architecture. There are quite a few decent-sized towns along the route. Saw no error shields for US 209, save for the one in Milford that's been there for eons, although I did see one "acorn" shield of the type that sometimes pops up in the Keystone State.

There's been some construction north of I-80 in the Stroudsburg area, with a new roundabout and what appears to be a realignment of the route. Any issues between Stroudsburg and Milford that may have been caused by past flooding have been rectified. Gratifying to see the button copy overheads at US 206 are still in existence.

Saturday pre-meet: NY 17 west, US 209 north, NY 28 east, Thruway south, NY 299 east, US 9W south, US 44/NY 55 west, US 209 south, NY 52 west, NY 42 south to Monticello.

The purpose of this routing was to clinch US 209 in New York  and thus clinch the road in total (I had already driven the freeway from NY 28 to US 9W several years ago) and to clinch US 44 in New York as well. I had intended to drive this route the day before, but my schedule adjustment prevented that. However, I was able to leave early enough for the meet to finish up my intended routing.

Quite a few old signs along US 44, plus lots of error "NY 209" and "NY 44" signs to be found.

Seems to me it would be a better alignment to run US 44 along NY 299 between US 9W and the 44 & 55/299 junction west of New Paltz.

Saturday post-meet: NY 17 east, US 209 south, I-84 west to Dunmore, PA.

This allowed me to clinch US 209 in total. Still lots of error "NY 209" signs.

The pavement on I-84 in Pennsylvania is in terrible condition. Absolutely horrible. The route needs repaved badly.

Sunday: I-81 north to the Clarks Summit exit for US 6, US 11 and I-476/PA Turnpike, US 11 south (with an untended detour due to piss-poor signage in downtown Scranton), I-81 south at Exit 3 in Pennsylvania, I-70 west, I-68 west, I-79 south, I-64 west to Huntington/Barboursville, WV.

As mentioned earlier, signage for US 11 in downtown Scranton is awful. There's no indication that US 11 follows Pittston Avenue, so I mistakenly ended up on the Central Scranton Expressway back to I-81 north. After I ended up at the same exit where my hotel from the night before was located, I had to check Google Maps to see that US 11 followed Pittston. Armed with this information, I was able to head back into downtown on the Central Scranton Expressway and make my way south on US 11, which is a slow go through most of its length from the Scranton area all the way to Selinsgrove.

What is the deal with the end of the US 11/15 expressway at Selinsgrove? Any plans to extend the route northward?

As I posted on another thread, there is absolutely no reference to NY 17 anywhere at the intersection of US 11/15 and PA 17. Those signs that have been reported to exist are long gone.

When I got to I-81 near the Maryland state line, this left only the section of US 11 between Clarks Summit and the New York state line unclinched for me. I'll get that portion on a future trip.

From there, it was a reversal of the familiar route home. Ran into snow just prior to Cumberland and it turned into a downpour all the way to the Fairmont, WV area, where the precipitation ended. Near Charleston, the rain began and it was a downpour. Opted to stop and spend the night in Huntington.

Monday: I-64 west, US 52 west, Ironton-Russell Bridge, US 23 north, KY 2 west, US 60 west, KY 174 west, KY 955 south, KY 504 west, KY 32 east, KY 173 south, KY 7 south, US 460 west, KY 203 south, KY 191 south, Spur KY 15 north to the Mountain Parkway to Exit 40 to home.

Did some final scouting for my upcoming meet, then opted for back roads on the way home. I have to say I'm impressed with the way KYTC District 9 has installed route marker signage on its routes, including minor rural secondary highways.


--- Quote from: hbelkins on March 26, 2013, 11:52:03 AM ---What is the deal with the end of the US 11/15 expressway at Selinsgrove? Any plans to extend the route northward?

--- End quote ---

Interesting. Wasn't the portion that was transferred from O-1 to P-1 originally transferred from the Bedford-to-Cumberland portion of US 220/I-99? I'd have to go back and look, but I do know that portion of US 220 lost its funding to another section of highway.


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