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2022 Philadelphia, PA National Road Meet (August 20-21, 2022)

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From the Day 2 Itinerary with regards to Hog Island/Fort Mifflin Roads:

--- Quote ---Fort Mifflin Road loops south
and east around the river side of the Airport; if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see aircraft take-offs and/or landings close
up from this area, but PLEASE DO NOT STOP along this stretch of road.
--- End quote ---

FYI, and this area is not too far from where I live; there's no issue with regards to stopping/parking along the road to see planes land or take-off (typically east of UPS and the Air Traffic Control Tower) as long as such is done along as the opposite side of the airport fence per this example.  Vehicle parked is that of long-time PHL spotter/photographer Paul Kanagie who manages the PHL and Area Discussion FB page.  He's traded in his silver RAV4 for a silver Corolla a couple years ago.  One might see him parked during our meet.

Shameless plug: while riding along Hog Island/Fort Mifflin Roads; one will pass by and/or ride along several PHL-based projects I worked on over the last 25 years.

I am presuming that the Oregon Diner will have space to be able to leave vehicles to carpool during the meet tour.  I would rather ride than drive.

I will be attending Sunday's main event only. 

I cannot make the Friday pool party or the Saturday events.  To those who will, absolutely enjoy!  Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

Great Lakes Roads:
Since my brother is coaching his first football game next Friday night, I, along with my dad, will be driving straight to Philly through the night to meet you guys at the place to eat. Anyone is welcome to carpool with us (we'll have one if not two seats open in the back of our car on both days of the meet). Even though I won't be attending the pool party on Friday or the baseball game after the meet on Saturday, I am looking forward to meeting y'all in person as well as having fun exploring a city that we've never been to before!

I believe I marked "Going" on both FB events.  I need to check with my wife as to attendance, but I think I'll be there for both days and the pre-meet on Sunday.  I'll probably skip the ball game and pool party.

My sister-in-law is visiting now and will be leaving early next week, so that solves that potential conflict.

FYI, I live about three blocks from the Manayunk Bridge (site of the Sunday pre-meet).  A lighting installation project is nearly completed there and the contractor has started to clean up the construction site as of this past weekend (power lines removed from the construction company trailers, for example).  The bridge was previously only open from 6am to 9pm (closed by a gate), but with the new lights having been installed, it will be open 24/7.  I assume 24/7 opening will start once the construction site is fully cleaned up.

For those previously unaware, work screwed me out, so I'm done.


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