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Far too early DE 1/16 road meet

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I'm thinking 2024, since construction is "3 years" - the first year will be a lot of geotechnical work and maybe starting some structures, while year 2 will have some structures complete and will probably be the best balance between existing and proposed. Question for now is, what else around there will be worth seeing? US 404 is an obvious choice, can take US 9 to the ferry parking and get some photos there (meet photo with a ferry boat!), 1A and 1B are cool (as well as Bus. 9), can have a premeet or postmeet dip at Broadkill Beach at the east end of 16... okay maybe this writes itself! Hold me to it in a year...

Will definetly keep this in mind, since it is not too far from the Delaware\ Maryland beaches :-)

Further south on US-113, construction is scheduled to start on the north Millsboro bypass in 2023. New interchange construction on US-113 at DE-404 is not scheduled to start until 2024.

Yeah, I'm thinking that I'd like to get down there to get some before pictures prior to the start of construction while the traffic light is still there, but it seems a bit far for a day trip...


--- Quote from: Alps on June 21, 2022, 08:12:45 PM ---US 404

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Road not found. :D

Pretty sure you mean DE/MD-404.


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