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Southeast / Re: Complete NC 540 Project
Last post by architect77 - Today at 03:51:30 AM
Quote from: Strider on July 21, 2024, 01:57:12 AMI/NC-540 will stay put. They're not going to do any renumbering after the I/NC 540 Loop is fully completed. NCDOT did ask for it to be I-640 in the past and got rejected by AASHTO/FWHA, so they're going to leave it 540.

It's a done deal.

You should supply a source for this with dates after 2020. Or supply your employee badge with NCDOT. I'll be happy to place a monetary wager with anyone on this subject. They speak so matter-of-factly about something still unfinished that began in 1992. I have the original poster for the project.
Northeast / Re: Massachusetts
Last post by Great Lakes Roads - Today at 01:58:23 AM

Massachusetts's first DDI in Natick went 40% overbudget...

"Frank Welch, MassDOT's Deputy Director of Major Projects, told MassDOT board members during its monthly meeting last week that although the agency's engineers had estimated the Natick contract would cost about $71 million this spring, the lowest-price bid that the agency received, from McCourt Construction, ended up being $99 million.

After adding additional costs that are outside the scope of the contract, including additional project engineering work, contingency funds, and traffic police, MassDOT could end up spending $118 million on the new highway interchange (pictured above in a rendering).

Last year's MassDOT capital budget budgeted just $85.4 million for the project.

Welch said that MassDOT engineers and consultants had reviewed McCourt's proposal and found the higher cost "reasonable.""
Quote from: lepidopteran on Today at 12:14:00 AMIn Baltimore, the mini-stack of I-83 and W 28th/W 29th/Druid Park Lake Dr. is like this.  It's a matter of the interchange being shoehorned in between a lake/park, the Jones Falls river, and the light-rail line.

Would this and I-696/Mound Road in Warren, MI be the only two stack/stack-type interchanges out there with surface streets?
One unique location on the NJTP may be found here.  Originally, Woodbridge Ave. went under the pike.  When the truck lanes were extended from Exit 10 to Exit 9 in the early '70s, the road was re-routed over the turnpike, and the old underpass was repurposed for "Official Use Only". (Speculation has it that the underpass was prone to flooding.) Note also that the SB bridge is at a skewed angle reflecting Woodbridge Avenue's original routing.  The NB bridge is more parallel, suggesting that was the direction of the original widening.
There's the 4-level stack interchange on I-75 at US-35 in Dayton.  While some of the merge areas were improved recently to allow for faster speeds, the tight curves of the flyover ramps keep things slow.  It was built that way as a result of being hemmed in between the river, industry, and some diverging railroads -- including a rail spur that crossed under the highway to the south; it has since been removed and its bridges filled in with the recent rebuild.
Pacific Southwest / Re: I-605 Corridor Improvement...
Last post by SeriesE - Today at 12:30:16 AM
Quote from: Plutonic Panda on July 23, 2024, 05:02:11 PMWhatever they can do to add more lanes, I'll be in support of. It's so funny how these people claim that more lanes don't fix traffic but it always seems like as soon as you enter Orange County the highways get wider and traffic flows better.

I'm happy with the same number of lanes but with standard shoulders and 12' lanes. It feels sketchy driving at even the speed limit in moderate traffic, especially with a semi on the right.
In Baltimore, the mini-stack of I-83 and W 28th/W 29th/Druid Park Lake Dr. is like this.  It's a matter of the interchange being shoehorned in between a lake/park, the Jones Falls river, and the light-rail line.
Traffic Control / Re: The 1-2-3 Road Sign CHALLE...
Last post by chays - July 23, 2024, 10:55:51 PM
Buffalo with FM 2729
Great Lakes and Ohio Valley / Re: Update on I-69 Extension i...
Last post by jnewkirk77 - July 23, 2024, 10:52:30 PM
Quote from: silverback1065 on July 23, 2024, 09:21:38 PMlocal news just announced it will open in August, but gave no date. 37 will die when this happens, it is already not a part of the sign plans for 69 on the NE side or the sign plans for it at this interchange on the south side, you can tell from what is already uncovered. I wonder if they will take them down in Monroe County that is the only area it's cosigned besides Hamilton county.

Taking down the remaining 37 shields is part of the ongoing sign replacement project, if memory serves.
General Highway Talk / Re: Novel lane markings?
Last post by Revive 755 - July 23, 2024, 10:20:56 PM
The California double double yellow centerline isn't unique; Missouri does it on the shared four lane section of MO 5 between Camdenton and Lebanon. Streetview

Missouri has a triple yellow centerline for some of the other shared four lane corridors.
Example the shared four lane section of US 160 west of Poplar Bluff
Example on the shared four lane section of US 63 south of Rolla

How about reflectors mounted on an overpass to denote lanes?  There are a few occurrences of this on I-57 in far southern Illinois.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

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