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Most iconic Meteorologist in each metro

Started by Flint1979, October 09, 2023, 10:59:41 AM

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Dallas -Ft Worth had two that were true icons

Harold Taft at WBAP / KXAS (CH5)


Troy Dungan at WFAA (CH8)
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Shreveport Bossier has had a couple

Al Bolton at KSLA (In a mid-1950's photo doubling as the host of a kiddie show Al's Corral.) on KSLA (CH12) After retiring, he did gardening segments for the morning on KTBS (CH3)


Ron Young at KTAL (Ch 6) and on the morning show at KSLA (CH 12)
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Joel Bartlett he is one of the legends in reporting the weather in the San Francisco area.

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For Hartford, I'd have to Hilton Kaderli.  Today being cold and rainy means it's a real gullywhomper out there.  Almost got blown away once on the top of Mt. Washington
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I'm Googling Seattle's most iconic meteorologists, and two names come to mind: Walter Kelley and Harry Wappler. When I relocated from L.A. in 2000, Harry was nearing the end of his career, and thus I never got to see enough of him, so I'm leaning towards Walter as the top weatherman in Seattle.

Steve Pool was by far the most iconic Seattle weatherman. He was part of a long-running trio at KOMO and only retired in 2019.

I don't think it's "by far", Jeff Renner at KING was quite iconic too.


For the Miami metro area, it's probably a tie between Bob Weaver (calm demeanor, longevity, plus Weaver the Weatherbird), Brian Norcross (for dealing with a direct hit from Hurricane Andrew and somehow staying on the air out of a supply closet), and Jackie Johnson (physical appearance).


I've only been in the Des Moines area since 2002, but Ed Wilson of WHO-TV and Brad Edwards of WOI-TV have been there as long as I have, if not longer. John McLaughlin spent about 30 years at KCCI before retiring due to health issues several years ago.

I grew up in the Quad Cities, where I'd say Neil Kastor and Terry Swails -- both of whom have long since retired -- have that honor. Kastor spent a long time at WQAD, and Swails at KWQC.
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WWBT's Andrew Frieden for Richmond. Before him it was probably Jim Duncan.

I'd consider WRIC's John Bernier as well just for longevity.  Andrew Frieden actually came to my elementary school in Prince George once when I was young.

John Bernier also has wider regional appeal since he does weather for Beach 104 in the OBX.
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TV weatherman is a job I regret not pursuing. I worked in a teensy-weensy TV market for a while as a non-weatherman (and non-TV) and the two local ones on air were extremely popular. They were very good at live severe weather and curated some excellent storm chasers that gave live storm video.

You get stuff wrong and can just shrug and say oops.

In Texas, the "10 o'clock backdown" from an expected big snow is a huge feature and almost a running joke.


Wayne Shattuck is a legend in Florida on WFTS Tampa. Note he also did water reports in Dallas and Los Angeles prior to Tampa.


Prior to Dallas Raines getting mentioned as the longest tenured weather person on KABC Los Angeles, Dr George Fischbeck was the longest tenured weather person in Los Angeles.


For Cincinnati, it was easily "Doppler" Tim Hedrick at WKRC for 28 years. Unfortunately, complications from prostate cancer would take his life in 2016, though he fought hard as hell.

His successor, John Gumm, worked at WWL-TV in New Orleans when Katrina hit. His home took severe damage from that storm, and he ended up moving back to the Cincinnati area that October. He's been with WKRC since (first in a bizarre move, WKRC did not give Gumm the "chief meteorologist" title until more than 4 years after Hedrick passed).

Some in Cincinnati would say that Pat Barry was the iconic meteorologist here. Barry didn't have a degree in meteorology, though...and was more a personality that gave a weather forecast.


In Baltimore, everyone knows Tom Tasselmyer (WBAL) and Bob Turk (WJZ), who recently retired.
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How about one in Congress . Eric Sorenson went from Rockford to to WQAD....and then Rep for IL 17 . His degrees is from Northern so it would be Meteorology or an Earth Science.

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In the Huntington - Charleston market WSAZ - NBC is one of the most dominant TV stations in the country, never having gotten a rating lower than twice the combined ratings of the ABC and CBS stations.  (This is mostly due to WSAZ actually covering the market, which spans 66 counties in 3 states, while the ABC station covers only who murdered whom in the west side of Charleston yesterday, and the CBS station is just 100% WV politics and Pittsburgh/WVU sports.)

So the all time weatherman would be Jule Huffman, who also was "Mr. Cartoon" which was one of those deals where they brought in kids to the studio.

The current guy, is his replacement, who is now nearing retirement, Tony Cavalier (which sounds like a stage name, but they swear it isn't)


WRAL used to have Greg Fishel, which is a God in Raleigh. He was the best when it came to predicting very complex situations like the 2000 Winter Storm and Florence in 2018. Now he's moved and retired.
Other ones from the station includes Elizabeth Gardner and Mike Maze, along with Brian Shrader.
ABC11 has Big Weather, known as Don Schwenneker. Been there since 2011, and provides the best forecasts as well.
Bill Reh for CBS17 as well.
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Quote from: bing101 on October 09, 2023, 09:05:15 PMDang Sacramento TV Stations has produced TV Talent that later became legendary in the top 10 TV Markets.

For weather specifically if I were to make a pick it's Mark Finan for KCRA-TV.

Finan announced his upcoming retirement a couple months ago and his final shows are today, after 33 years at the station.

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