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Author Topic: Traffic signal  (Read 598988 times)


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Re: Traffic signal
« Reply #4250 on: August 01, 2021, 09:29:18 PM »

The dropped left turn signal head.

img snipped...

Oregon has a lot of these where many states just keep them all aligned at one level. 

Am I to guess its done to distinguish it from the normal straight through signal heads?
Texas used to do something like this on their older mast-arms except with horizontal signals:
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Re: Traffic signal
« Reply #4251 on: August 01, 2021, 09:54:13 PM »

That's very interesting! I looked at the intersection on Street View to try and figure out when the signals were installed, but neglected to notice the original signal modules. Then again, I'm not good at spotting those things...yet.

It is interesting that the old indications were also symbols. That would tell me that these may have been installed in the 1990s? Or thereabouts. Not sure when symbolized pedestrian signals came into play.

I believe Seattle started using those neon symbolic ped heads in the 80s (a bit before most places, though it sounds like symbolic pedestrian signals were introduced in the 70s). I have no clue whether these strange ones would have been before the neon ones, between the neon and LED eras, or just some weird one-off thing.


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