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News on the Rickety bridge connecting Illinois Rte. 14 and Indiana SR 66. Other than SR 68, I am not sure what roads should really be turned over to Posey County. Certainly not SR 66, and SR 69 connects a porton the Ohio River to I-64. SR 69 is also part of the NHS.

I am not sure why potential funding sources from Illinois aren't listed. Any ideas?

INDOT doesn't want New Harmony bridge (Evansville Courier Press)
INDOT presents New Harmony Bridge proposals (Carmi, IL Times)

Nothing is on the Illinois end, whereas the Indiana side, the bridge drops into downtown New Harmony. The bridge is more important to New Harmony and Indiana than it is to Illinois, with I 64 nearby to the north. Besides, Illinois would face the same realities - less than 1000 vehicles a day, limited funds in budgets already, and the added expense of maintaining an aging facility. The most feasible solution is to close the bridge, and tear it down.

I thought Indiana currently is well under their mileage cap, do they need to turn anything over?

I used to drive through Crossville on Route 1 pretty much every day for months before realizing that road even went to Indiana.   :-/

I wouldn't want IDiOT touch a bridge like New Harmony with a 50 foot pole right now with the rate they're tearing down truss bridges in the past decade.


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