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The Texas turnaround at Penn and Memorial was opened for traffic today:

A project was recently completed by @OKDOT in partnership with @cityofokc to construct a new protected turnaround at Memorial Rd. & Penn Ave. in northwest Oklahoma City. Pedestrian access was also improved with sidewalk & crosswalk connections along with new traffic signals.— Oklahoma Department of Transportation (@OKDOT) June 7, 2022
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Plutonic Panda:
Not sure if I posted this before but ODOT is once again looking at improvements to I-35 in the south metro. The main improvements shown were major investments in the service roads by one way conversions and auxiliary lanes. This would do a lot to help but I still content they need to move the Flood Ave. ramp to the right side of the freeway eliminating the left exit.

Eventually new GP lanes will be needed. I wouldnít be against HO/T lanes so as long as they were two each way but I seriously doubt that would go over well here especially with the current turnpike controversy. ODOT seemed to hint at a possibility of studying for future GP lanes on I-35 but I canít remember how they worded it.

Once more information comes out Iíll post a dedicated thread.

--- Quote ---The Oklahoma City Department of Transportation is seeking solutions for traffic issues.

The OKC metro does not have the traffic nightmares seen in some other American cities, but it can get worse, especially during the evening rush hour.

Interstate 35 south of the Oklahoma River can turn into a parking lot. At an ODOT meeting on Monday, the traffic experts said traffic will get a whole lot worse in the years and decades to come.

Residents pleaded for improvements for safety and access to the interstate and proposed claims of auxiliary lanes be added and options such as transits, commuter rails and Amtraks.

The master plan needed for this project is set to finish within the next year.
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Plutonic Panda:
Expect construction at the SH-74 Hefner parkway Kilpatrick interchange. Minor projects:

--- Quote ---The finished $4.4 million project will add protected turnarounds on the east and west sides of the interchange to ease current traffic congestion and increase safety.
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Aren't they planning to add a couple more flyover ramps at the Kilpatrick-Hefner Parkway interchange?

Plutonic Panda:

--- Quote from: Bobby5280 on September 26, 2022, 10:19:34 PM ---Aren't they planning to add a couple more flyover ramps at the Kilpatrick-Hefner Parkway interchange?

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Yes. They will complete the entire interchange two more ramps


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