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What You Like (and Dislike) About Where You Live

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This should prove to be an interesting topic leading to some interesting discussion and perspectives. Lets have everyone discuss where they live, and answer the following questions:

* Whereabouts do you live (in general terms) including nearby major metro areas?
* How long you lived there?
* What you like about where you live now?
* What you dislike about where you live now?
* Hows the road trip opportunities?
* Where are would you love to move to?
Yes, this is going to be very subjective questionnaire, but something that I would really enjoy reading the answers on.

Whereabouts do you live (in general terms) including nearby major metro areas? North Dallas, Texas

How long you lived there? Three years now after living most of my life in Sacramento, CA.

What you like about where you live now? Having moved to DFW which is the fourth largest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and living near the ninth largest city in the United States certainly has it advantages, such as...

* DFW is a growing metro area which is attracting business. This provides some good opportunities for career growth.
* I was able to locate and own a home that is not only near my workplace, but also the DART light rail station to downtown Dallas as well as the one of the stations for the upcoming "Silver Line" project to the DFW International Airport.
* Multiple museums, theaters, and entertainment options in the DFW area.
* It is also a destination city for major touring entertainment events. Sacramento often served as a "also-ran" for entertainment tours, which meant that some shows meant a drive to the San Francisco Bay Area which is at least a two hour drive in each direction.
* DFW is located in the geographic "middle" of the United States and is the home and major hubs of both American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. This means that most destinations within the continental United States are less than a four hour non-stop flight from either DFW International and Dallas Love Field, not to mention some international travel. If only Covid didn't throw a monkey wrench to the best laid travel plans.
* As a bonus, the DFW International Airport is one of the interview centers for the Global Entry which also includes TSA Pre-Check. In California, the nearest interview center was in San Francisco.
* I get a kick in that I just live about 30 minutes away from Southfork Ranch. Also nearby is where they filmed Robocop and Fort Worth Water Gardens.
* I love that I was able to be able to afford a home that is within 20 minutes of my workplace... by foot. It just sucks that for around 720 consecutive days (March 12th, 2020 until February 28th, 2022), I had to work from home.
* The lower cost of living as compared to very expensive California. Gas prices and car registration is much lower here, although it is offset somewhat by the toll roads (which I rarely use). Although there is no personal income tax, that is made up by the higher property taxes.
What you dislike about where you live now? The DFW MSA has grown in population by 19.96% from the 2010 Census to the 2020 Census. This has lead to some of the challenges listed below.

* Due to multiple factors, the housing inventory is at very low levels causing the home prices to dramatically rise. I recognize that this is a nationwide issue, not a DFW issue, but it is still insane to see the value of my home go up 38% to 57% in the three years since I purchased it. I'm not looking forward to the property tax statement.
* Thank goodness I don't have to deal with the commute traffic, but I identify it as a challenge and something that is actively worked on, but it is a multi-year process. The nearby Interstate 635 project is running from spring 2020 to 2024, US-75 in Grayson County is running from January 2020 until March 2024, Interstate 35 in Waco is running from April 2019 to 2020, and the Southern Gateway project is running from early 2018 to summer, 2022 are all active projects to improve safety and capacity. At least Texas is better than California on improving traffic flow.
* Some of the drivers here in Texas are nuts, and the higher speeds does not help. I made sure that I have a dashcam installed in both of my vehicles.
* The Texas weather is definitely more interesting than the Sacramento weather, and it doesn't help that DFW is at the intersection of the wet warm air from the Gulf and the cold dry air from the mid-West. Whenever there is thunderstorms in the forecast, I pay attention because of the possibility of high winds, large-sized hail, and maybe tornadoes. While a light dusting of snow is expected once a year, 2021 and 2022 had some significant snowfall which is of a concern because snow is not a expected regular weather condition.
Hows the road trip opportunities? Great not only for the DFW area, but for places north, south and east as well. Want to visit the world's largest casino in terms of gaming floor space? That's in... Thackerville, Oklahoma on Interstate 35 near the Texas border. I have destinations that I want to visit in Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Where are would you love to move to? I'm fine where I'm living now, and have no desire to move again. The job relocation from California to Texas was a stressful experience made worse by the short time window from approval to relocate (day before Thanksgiving, 2018) to the actual move date (mid-January, 2019). I'm lucky to have a small home in a good neighborhood, and have no desire to move again, especially not back to California.

Whereabouts do you live (in general terms) including nearby major metro areas?
Bellevue, Ky. (near Cincinnati).

How long you lived there?
I've lived in northern Kentucky my whole life.

What you like about where you live now?
I was impressed that the area didn't go too big into the mass hysteria of the past 2 years compared to huge cities. At least this was true in most organizations and places around here (though the usual suspects were of course pretty bad).

What you dislike about where you live now?
It has a bad track record on certain matters of public interest, the economy has been chronically depressed for 40 years, and the weather is usually bad.

Hows the road trip opportunities?
Not good right now, since I don't have a car.

Where are would you love to move to?
Someplace more rural.

Max Rockatansky:

* Whereabouts do you live (in general terms) including nearby major metro areas?-  Fresno, California

* How long you lived there?-  Fresno since December 2017 and before that it nearby Hanford from January 2016.  I transferred after a three year stint in multiple places in Florida (Spring Hill, Key West and Orlando).

* What you like about where you live now?-  Access to four National Parks in less than three hours.
-  Access to four National Forests within three hours.
-  Access to some of the best driving roads in the country within three hours (CA 1 in Big Sur, CA 198 in the Diablo Range, CA 33 Maricopa Highway, CA 180 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Generals Highway, etc).
-  The city and area is easy to get around and has its entire freeway network built. 
-  A very low cost of living.  Very low by California standards and overall favorable to Orlando and Phoenix (where I lived previously).  Largely this is driven by lower home prices which we (my wife and I) took advantage of.
-  Fresno isnít a miserable traffic slog like Los Angeles and the Bay Area. 
-  The weather is pleasant 9/12 months out of the year and tolerable the rest of it.

* What you dislike about where you live now?-  Polarizing state politics.  All the same Florida and Arizona got equally as bad in another direction by the time I was leaving. 
-  The locally driven agricultural economy.  Agriculture doesnít bother me, but I would likely need to move if I became ambitious with career development over padding my pension. 
-  High gas prices.  The prices arenít as bad as the big cities but compare poorly to other states. 
-  High income taxes. 
-  Wild fire season.

* Hows the road trip opportunities?-  Outstanding, see above.  I donít think four National Parks in a three hour radius can be replicated anywhere else in the United States.

* Where are would you love to move to?-  The Sierra Nevada Foothills, Northern California coast or southern Oregon.  I tried living east of the Rockies this last decade and I was bored out my mind.  I wouldnít mind having a second home in Jalisco near my wifeís family.  That always seems like paradise whenever Iím down in Jalisco, certainly a slower pace of life. 
-  Really Iíve come to dislike urban life after living in larger cities.  Fresno is tolerable was urban area but I can see it becoming too big for its own good given how affordable it is compared to the other big California cities.  The furthest I can get away from people and maintain my recreational opportunities would be ideal. 

Great idea for a thread.

Whereabouts do you live (in general terms) including nearby major metro areas?
The northern reaches of the Seattle metro area.

How long you lived there?
My entire life.

What you like about where you live now?
Temperate weather, including clear summers and minimal (but not zero) snow
Gorgeous scenery within reasonable range and plenty of recreational activities that aren't overcommercialized
A dynamic city with plenty of activities and interests
Good access to Canada for a change of pace (and to laugh at their silly names)
Agreeable politics, especially in regards to public health crises and acknowledging systematic racism
No income tax

What you dislike about where you live now?
Winter weather can be very hard to deal with, on a spiritual level.
Housing prices are depressingly out of reach, as is cost of living in many respects
The homelessness situation and untenable solutions from both sides
High gas prices, traffic congestion, transit expansion is happening too slowly
No income tax (for Jeff and Bill, among others)
Gentrification has robbed us of some pieces of local culture that can never be recreated
Increase in anti-Asian hate crimes, especially those from people migrating from out of the region
Lack of food/retail options that don't make it to the Northwest until they've already declined in quality

Hows the road trip opportunities?
Plenty of great scenic drives, but they get repetitive after a while. Being stuck in a corner of the country means repeating many drives just to reach new ground, and the other states are hours and hours away. The other option is to drive north into Canada, which has its own issues (high gas costs, limited lodging availability, until recently the extra COVID hassles). The long and dry summer days allow for great conditions, assuming you aren't unlucky enough to run into wildfire smoke, haze, or just a random overcast day.

Where are would you love to move to?
A mid-size city elsewhere in the Northwest or West. Need my mountains at the minimum or else I'll get lost.


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