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--- Quote from: NWI_Irish96 on January 01, 2023, 12:35:44 PM ---So this is an unfortunate report. Early on the morning of the 29th, I set out on one final clinching trip for the year, planning on picking off several Iowa counties as well as IL 5 in Rock Island and a nice chunk of US 34. I thought all the ice had melted on my driveway but I found the one patch that didn't. I broke my fall with my left arm, which knocked my humerus completely out of its socket and fractured it in two spots. It required surgery and a splint for 6 weeks and even then I might still need a shoulder replacement. Worst part is that I'm left handed, but in any case no driving for me for quite a while. Also having to type one handed so probably significantly less posting for a while too.

--- End quote ---

So, I'm still far from 100% recovered but x-rays look good and physical therapy is going well so I finally went out to complete the trip that I was going to do in December before my fall.

Got five new counties in southeastern Iowa, which now completes all the Iowa counties that border Illinois. On the way back I got the rest of US 34 in Illinois that I was missing, as well as some new chunks of IL 84, IL 5, IL 92, IL 40, IL 17, IL 29, IL 26, IL 117, IL 116 and IL 251. I was one hour too late to cross the Illinois River on IL 17 before the bridge closed for construction (thus the chunks of IL 29 and IL 26).

I'm sorry it's taken so long to even get to this state of recovery. But I am glad things are getting better for your arm.  I hope you get to 100% soon. Do you have any mob-rule links or TM to show us?


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