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Maryland Roads has information on every interstate, US, and state highway in Maryland. We will be working to update a lot of the info and pictures in the coming days/months.


Here's a good site for the Tri-State area (Quad Cities, Chicagoland, Rockford, Milwaukee, NW Indiana region). Traffic conditions and road projects for a number of Midwestern states from each respective DOT

Washington State Resources

* Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT): Project information, news, maps, traffic cameras
* WSDOT State Highway Log (PDF): Route mileage (signed mileposts and actual mileage), speed limits, lane counts, intersections, shoulder widths; updated annually since 2001
* WSDOT Annual Traffic Report (PDF): Traffic counts and couplet diagrams; updated annually since 1980
* WSDOT Interchange Viewer (PDFs): Diagrams of interchanges and major intersections on state highways (example)
* Washington State RCW Chapter 47.17: Legal definitions for state highways from the Washington State Legislature
Washington State Fansites

* Wikipedia: A small group (often only me) of roadgeeks attempt to improve encyclopedic coverage of Washington's highways.
* Highways of Washington State: Mark Bozanich's website with the history of every state-designated highway, since 1937
* Corco Highways - Washington: Corco's completed journey to clinch every state highway in Washington, with photos of state highway shields
* Washington State Highways Blog: Sotosoroto's attempt to clinch every state highway in Washington in consecutive numerical order, ongoing since February 2008; currently just under two-thirds of the way there, at the 129th of 195

The Virginia Highways Project

Roads to the Future

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