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what local search mean since the Microsoft (Bing)-Yahoo alliance

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Stephane Dumas:
article spotted at will Yahoo maps use Bing's interface maps?

One thing I like about Yahoo! Maps is that they attempt to show neighborhood areas within cities. No other mapping service tries to cover this distinction. Hopefully this feature does not disappear with the merger...

I believe the merger is primarily about search and ad revenue.

Maybe yahoo's maps will be used with bird's eye view added.  Bing maps hasn't appeared to have been updated in months.

Stephane Dumas:
I check sometimes Bing Maps, I wish there one thing then Google maps could be inspired from Bing or RandMcNally is the color of the freeways, red or blue for the "free freeways" and green for the toll roads (MapArt use purple to show toll roads in their road atlas)

Also ACME Mapper could add the Bing/Yahoo maps to their setup, they have the Mapnik/OpenStreetMap in company of Google Maps

Street View still rules for me


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