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Your favorite party route or the best place to get messed up.

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The movie Hangover comes to mind. On what strip is where the party is? You know, where do you go to the best bars, the best adult entertainment spots, or just the place for an old fashioned bachelor party. When I was attending high school in Lake County, Florida, the place to get naughty was the OBT aka the Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. I know some you guys will say "the Strip" in Las Vegas, but how about in Chicago, LA, NY City, Dallas, Miami, Detroit, and heck even Syracuse? By the way, college towns count too.

In Hoboken, NJ (college town across from NYC), it's Washington St.  In Montclair, NJ (home to many college students or new graduates) it's Bloomfield Ave.  In Cambridge, MA, it's definitely Mass. Ave.  In Boston, it's passed out in the street.

Try the French Quarter in New Orleans. 

In Syracuse, the place to go is Armory Square, and I did attend a bachelor party at Armory Square last year.

Other places in Upstate New York to go party include Chippewa St., Elmwood Ave. and also Allen St. in Buffalo, East Ave. and Alexander St. in Rochester, Caroline St. in Saratoga Springs, North Pearl St. and also Lark St. (Upstate's answer to Greenwich Village) in Albany.

Philadelphia is definitely South Street if I'm not mistaken.  In Pittsburgh, head to the Strip District. 


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