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Series 2009 currency is out

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Not sure if there's any other currency collectors in here or if it's just me and Jake but:

We have a new series. (Check out the signatures!)

nice; a legible Timmy G signature!

Indeed (though still sloppy!). And the word "Gumataotao" is now added to the list of sig combinations!

The December 2009 report has been released by the BEP. The only Series 2009 currency was printed at Washington. Only $20s in the serial number range JB 00000001 A thru JB 51200000 A were printed. Meanwhile Fort Worth printed 2006 $20s in the IF...E and IF...F blocks. All other denominations were printed as 2006s.

I'm guessing that 2006 $100s will continue to be printed until the G-type design comes out (which should be soon) at which time they'll click over. Hopefully the weird shit that happened with the 2006 $5s won't occur again.

Nice! Not an adept currency person (more of coins), but I do like when they release, and to collect, the A through E or F series (during one year). Do you mean the huge purple 5 on the back as being the weirdness of the 2006 $5s?


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