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Presented without comment

That's pretty good.  However, I've flown the shuttle before, and I'd rather drive...

It doesn't make sense to me- if Seatac or PDX were right downtown in their respective cities it would work, but otherwise you're hassling with mass-transit to/from the airport which negates any time savings or you're driving to Seatac, parking, flying, and then taking mass transit once you get there or renting a car, which also negates any time savings. Plus it costs twice as much to do all that!

The I-5 corridor isn't too bad anyway- the only annoying parts during peak hours are the bridge into downtown Portland and the stretch from Centralia to Tumwater where there's a ton of traffic and it's only four lanes wide

That said, that website is incredibly well done

Incredibly well done, but yeah... SeaTac's location defeats the purpose. PDX isn't bad and better connected by mass transit, but still.

There's no way you could spend $79 driving from Seattle to Portland, unless you drive a Hummer or something.


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