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Much like the thread about wine, do you have a preference for certain types of liquor whenever you choose to partake?

My brother in law recently poured me some 18-year Glenlivet.  It was pretty good, but honestly, I couldn't have told the difference between that and "lesser" types of whiskeys.  I guess it's like wine, where you have to kind of know how to properly taste, savor, note certain flavors, etc.  Granted I'm sure I could tell the difference between the fancy stuff and some cheap ass Clan MacGregor, but as far as ages, single malt, etc goes I guess I'm flying blind.

Certainly wine is my default when I do drink, but I do keep some of the following around the house.

- Tito's.  I think this is incredibly smooth vodka, and I could almost sip it just straight.

- Hornitos.  Not a bad buy for tequila, and certainly not as rough as some Cuervo.

- Jameson.  Kind of the one whiskey I normally gravitate towards.

I think the wife has some flavored vodkas she'll bust out on occasion, but those are my proverbial three amigos.  What're yours?

Liquor? I hardly know her.


--- Quote from: csw on May 05, 2021, 07:16:07 PM ---Liquor? I hardly know her.

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Never had liquor (duh). Isn't liquor generally stronger than wine?


--- Quote from: Roadgeekteen on May 05, 2021, 07:47:49 PM ---Never had liquor (duh). Isn't liquor generally stronger than wine?

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Yes. Typically liquor is over 20% alcohol volume.

I can’t drink liquor anymore. The buzz lasts too short for me, so if I want to have a sustained one I have to overindulge and I’d rather not do that.


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