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And they exclude "American", but include fast food?  :confused:


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--- Quote from: Road Hog on October 06, 2022, 10:57:47 PM ---Taco Bell is fast food, but does it count as Mexican too?

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That's like asking if Panda Express counts as Chinese or if Pizza Hut counts as Italian.

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Still gotta ask. The question remains.

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You can buy tacos and quesadillas at Taco Bell;  those two items are not only authentically Mexican food, but even ubiquitous in Mexico (although quesadillas are generally regarded as kids' food there).

Burritos are Tex-Mex, and I've seen them in far northern Mexico but only rarely farther south.

Chalupas and gorditas are authentic Mexican food, but they're not quite the same thing as what Taco Bell sells;  gorditas, especially, are quite different in Mexico.

So it depends on what you're ordering.

^  There is a clear difference between Mexican tacos and American tacos. 

Mexican tacos are soft corn tortillas with shredded or sliced meat filling, and salsa topping -- a staple street food in Mexico.  This is my go-to homemade semi-daily lunch, I don't think I'll ever get tired of eating them, and very easy to prepare.

American-style tacos are the all-too-familiar crispy hard corn shells filled with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar.  While these are found nationwide in the USA, I don't believe you'll find very many of them in Mexico.

Taco Bell like to twist the other items like gorditas, chalupas, tostadas, etc into something totally Americanized.

Authentic Mexican food are items like flautas, tortas, menudo, tamales, etc.  Also chocolate was invented in Mexico by one of their ancient civilizations.


--- Quote from: jgb191 on October 09, 2022, 02:21:11 AM ---Mexican tacos are soft corn tortillas with shredded or sliced meat filling ...

American-style tacos are the all-too-familiar crispy hard corn shells filled with ground beef ...

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I cannot agree with your assessment.

Mexican tacos use various types of tortillas, depending on region and personal preference.  They're certainly not all corn.  I've eaten countless tacos in Mexico on flour tortillas—many more than I have on corn tortillas in Mexico.  Last time I was in Mexico (March), I found myself chatting in the kitchen while a local woman prepared flour tortilla dough;  she had done this so many times that she didn't have to measure anything—just mixed it by hand until it felt right.

Also, ground beef tacos exist in Mexico;  the meat just tends to be seasoned differently and maybe even have some extra goodies mixed in.  If you've never had a picadillo taco, for example, then you've been missing out.  Delicious!  And most commonly made with ground beef.

As far as American-style hard shell tacos go:  yes, the type you can order from Taco Bell is an American invention, and in fact Taco Bell was largely responsible for its nationwide ubiquity.  But frying a taco's tortilla until it gets a little crispy isn't exactly unheard of in Mexico.  When they're rolled up and fried, they end up being called flautas or tacos dorados or taquitos, but—hey, wait, taquitos just means "little tacos" anyway, right?  Hmm...  But, beyond that, they aren't always rolled up to begin with;  I've been served un-rolled-up tacos on pan-fried tortillas in Mexico before.  Not exactly the tortilla chip-like things you can get at Taco Bell, but definitely a fried corn tortilla.


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