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--- Quote from: bing101 on September 28, 2022, 10:00:04 AM ---I heard stuff that the  Mexican Food in the United States was born in Southern California and Texas + the Chinese food in the USA was born in the Bay Area and Sacramento areas.
Some of the food we say is Chinese Food have some of their origins in Locke, California during the Gold Rush era.
This is like "Filipino Food" some of their origins came from other countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Spain, Japan and the United States before landing in the Philippines.
Case and point Lechon some of it's origins came from Spain before going to Philippines.

--- End quote ---

But Lechon tastes way better when you're eating it with your feet in Boracay sand.


--- Quote from: kphoger on September 27, 2022, 02:28:08 PM ---When it comes to Italian food, I'm a sucker for gnocchi.
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My wife and I tried making this at home, and it's probably one of the most time-consuming things we've ever prepared. It was a hit with the kids, so they asked us to make it again...which was the last time. Getting the little lumps of potato to stick to the pasta meant lots of waiting. Now we get pre-packaged gnocchi, but it's a rare treat because of all the added salt.

So we'll also get it in Italian restaurants when it's available. Given how much the average American enjoys potatoes, I used to be quite surprised that it's not more common...but now I understand why, after trying our hand at its preparation.

My favorite international food is fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls with a good peanut sauce, usually called Goi cuon on the menu. They're an appetizer but I've had them as my main meal on occasion. Other international foods I love include Italian fried calamari, Indian tandoori chicken, Southeast Asian lemongrass chicken, Korean fusion fish tacos, Middle Eastern kabobs, Greek gyros, Spanish garlic chicken, and any decent Mexican with a good mole sauce.

Halo Halo a desert in the Philippines have some of it's origins in Japan and Mexico.

A few of my favorite dishes, sorted by region of origin:

Chinese: Hot pot with beef
Japanese: Udon, gyoza, yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), sashimi, manju (rice flour buns), daifuku (rice cakes), taiyaki (fish-shaped cake)
Korean: Bibimpbap (rice bowl in a hot stone pot), gimbpa, kalbi (marinated beef short ribs), jajangmyeon (black bean noodles), japchae (sweet potato noodles), samgyeopsal (pork belly), hoppang (red bean buns)
Thai: Red curry, especially with roast duck
Vietnamese - Phở B (beef pho)

Will have to think of more later.


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