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What to look for in a Townhome Rental


Georgia Guardrail:
So I'm preparing to move within the next few months from an apartment to a townhome.  I live in the Atlanta Metro.  I prefer to relocate somewhere in the north suburbs (Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Marietta).

I like that with a townhome you don't have neighbors above or below you.  Also you get more space for your square footage and usually have an outdoor garden area.

What are some good things besides the obvious factors (price, lease agreement, distance from work) to take into consideration before deciding on a townhall rental?

So far my list includes:

1.) Neighborhood Safety
2.) Landlord Reputation
3.) Condition of Unit
4.) Garage or Street Parking
5.) W&D provided
6.) Utilities
7.) High Speed Internet Available

Any advice?  For current townhome renters, what is your experience with a townhome?


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