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My Pick of Scariest Bridge at night: Card Sound Road Bridge

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No it's not. US 1 south of Florida City follows the old railroad; Card Sound was the highway at that time.

edit: also see,-80.4735107421875,25.11544539706194,-80.3155517578125&vo=303&n=palmm

I stand corrected.  Thank you.


--- Quote from: xcellntbuy on December 20, 2010, 08:25:56 PM ---I stand corrected.  Thank you.

--- End quote ---

Thank you? The dude called you out, publicly, ON THE INTERNET! That's serious business! Call him a "n00b" to restore your honor!

j/k of course. This is probably one of the few discussion forums on the 'net where people are actually civilized.

I keep reading this as Sound Card Road... :pan:


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