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Odd/Funny/Interesting City Names

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Off the top of my head

Paradise, PA
Santa Claus, IN
North Pole, NY
Intercourse, PA

I could certainly do more, but I'll let others add.

Two Egg, FL its not much, but there are small guide signs along FL 69 for it.
Cocked Hat, DE always amused me.
Blue Ball and Lititz tend to go with Intercourse, PA for the trifecta.

There is also Spuds, Florida and Humptulips, Washington

There are many foreign curse word places. Should I? Or should I just not say?

There's also Bird in Hand, PA near Paradise and Intercourse.

Also in my home state are California, PA and Indiana, PA.  They both have state universities.

California University of Pa and Indiana University of Pa

Now, 20-30 years ago, they were still "colleges" so they were
California State College and Indiana State College!


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