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I-30 Canyon Project(Dallas)

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--- Quote from: Plutonic Panda on September 21, 2021, 08:11:39 PM ---It looks like this project or part of it is eligible for financing through the INFRA extra program from 2019 submissions. I wonder if Texas pursued it and maybe thatíll speed it up.

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Hey I worked on this (on the maps)! We applied in May of 2021 for 146 million out of 564 million. The original freeway section opened in April of 1966. The city wants it capped, and they're applying for another grant to do that, I think.

Plutonic Panda:
^^^ hopefully this new infrastructure package passes. I bet getting it capped will be a sure thing with the new funding meant to reconnect communities that were divided by freeway construction.

Plutonic Panda:
On the note of park caps, OKC had one proposed that is essentially scaled back to a glorified bridge widening over I-235. I hope that too can be considered with the infrastructure package if it passes.


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