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In preparation for I-27 extension, expect bypass and/or 4-lane upgrades...

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If the number was up to me (it isn't) I'd go with "I-46." That's only because its Northwestern terminus would be near the end of I-76. It would seem kind of fitting to have two I-x6 routes ending in the same neighborhood. I-46 is also the next even number step up from I-44. With the possibility being discussed with US-412 being upgraded to an Interstate from I-35 thru Tulsa to Springdale that one might be a better I-48. If an Interstate upgrade of US-412 was extended farther West through Enid and over to Woodward it would hook into this fictional "I-46" route from a more Northward angle. That would make the I-48 designation over the US-412 corridor even more sensible.

The Ghostbuster:
Maybe someone should ask FritzOwl what his/her opinion would be on the matter. You can never go wrong with FritzOwl!

Today's Sep 28  Federal Register has Final approvals for several Texas highway projects including US 87 from Dumas to Hartley . It's an EA maybe someone could link it. It improves a 2 lane with passing lanes to a four lane divided and found no significant environmental impact.
Maybe the EA discussed  the 27 idea or Dallas Denver.

I'm really glad they're finally going to do something about that Dumas-Hartley segment of US-87. That will make my road trips from Lawton to Colorado Springs go a little bit better. I hope they're able to break ground on the project soon.

Plutonic Panda:

--- Quote from: 1 on September 15, 2021, 08:46:11 PM ---If a direct diagonal connection is built, Colorado Springs should not be left out. It's fairly large and growing.

--- End quote ---
Iím not sure what you mean by left out but any connection to Colorado Springs should be the burden of Colorado to build a spur to. Now I am a little biased because I do have a place in Oklahoma City as well as living in Hollywood and traveling very frequently to Moab and several other cities along I 70 in Colorado I would benefit greatly from a direct interstate from OKC to Denver.

With that said as another poster has pointed out OKC and Denver are two major cities that are both important hubs on the interstate system, that have no direct connection, and in the grand scheme of things arenít that far from each other. However putting my personal bias aside a direct route to OKC from Denver would only benefit the interstate system so as long as this Rall would continue Southeast to connect in Texarkana potentially allowing several cities in the south a better connection to the northwest.

Iím not sure how many tens of billions of dollars it would cost but there is absolutely no way this happens without a major federal government investment even though Oklahoma would still benefit greatly and probably the most of any state this new route would affect.

This would top any project in my wish list coming close to the 710 or ca 2 tunnel or perhaps and I-40 tunnel from kingman into California all things Iíd love. But a Denver to Texarkana interstate going straight through Oklahoma City would definitely top any of those things for me.


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