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Funny, that with the change of the seasons there aren't that many places in new England with concrete lanes. 
CT has only 4 spots left. 

CT-25, CT-9 around CT-72, I-84 in East Hartford, and the I-84 EB Exit 22 off-ramp.

MA, I only know of US-5 in West Springfield.

Any others?

I-691 in Southington... did they repave that yet?

I remember the New England Thruway used to have the smoothest concrete surface I've ever driven on... though it didn't look smooth with all the patches, but it was the most pleasant road to drive on, surface-wize.

I also remember when many roads in CT still had concrete pavement, like all of Route 9 from Old Saybrook to Cromwell.  In their later years before paving, they were rough, and all the cracks were filled in with asphalt and it wasn't a smooth ride.  It was paved I want to say around 1990-1991. 

Yes I-691 and I-84 in Waterbury have been paved

By "paved", I presume you two are referring to "overlaid with asphalt".  I say this since concrete is technically pavement.

Regarding the OP, I am struggling to find a still-existing concrete road in Vermont.  Some of the older state routes were concrete at one point, but have long since been asphalted over.  I don't think the Vermont Interstates were ever concrete.


--- Quote from: Mergingtraffic on July 27, 2021, 04:06:17 PM ---MA, I only know of US-5 in West Springfield.

--- End quote ---

US 6 in Westport:

There are also a few random streets around Brookline and Newton that are concrete, including part of MA 16:


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