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Trip from Northern VT to WV Panhandle w/ trailer

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Is this trip happening/already-happened?  We seem to be in the time window.

Hi all, we did in fact make this trip the first weekend of this month. It was a bit hectic in the lead up to it and then after our return last Friday so I am finally getting around to posting this update on it.

After some deliberation we decided that instead of heading directly from Morrisville VT towards WV we instead opted to load the trailer on Friday October 1st and came home to Whitingham Vt about 3 hours south. As we thought might be the case we got on the road much later in the afternoon than we had hoped and we thought that taking a bit of a "trial run" with the trailer on roads we were quite familiar with seemed to make sense. Given being the construction on Rt 15 in Morrisville and on Rt 100 between Stowe and Waterbury we headed east on VT 15 towards St. Johnsbury to get to US 2 and ultimately I-91 south. The truck handled the trailer quite well on 91 all things considered and by the time we made it down towards Brattleboro I was quite confident that it could handle most any grades we would encounter on any Interstates enroute to WV. 

We checked everything out on Saturday late morning and got underway from home. We cut across through Massachusetts down into NY to I-90 and its connector to I-87/NYS Thruway. From 87 we got onto 84 in Newburgh, my better half was pushing for that route for some reason and I was a bit ambivalent since I was confident in the truck so I decided it was just as well to let her her pick on this one and avoid any unnecessary headaches. We did encounter a few sections of road work in Pennsylvania but it was pretty quiet all and all being a Saturday afternoon. The hills south of Wilkes-Barre on I-81 didn't prove to be much of an issue at all. I just took everything nice and steady so the truck took it all pretty much in stride down to the . We spent Saturday night in Carlisle PA and finished the trip, which ended up being to Berkeley Springs WV, via I-81 to I-70 without issue on Sunday.

After a busy Sunday of unloading and such we returned the trailer down there and headed further south to spend the next 4 days in and around Shenandoah National Park, which was quite nice. We did take a section of I-78 on our way home and encountered some quite narrow construction areas east of the junction with I-81. It was on both sides and made me very glad we had opted for I-84 instead as I didn't think it would be fun with the trailer.

One other thing of note regarding the EZ-Pass; I had decided to just go with it and take the NYS Thruway as I mentioned and planned to deal with whatever toll ramifications came. Once it showed up on my EZ-Pass account it had charged a toll for 3 axles which was very pleasing. For New York anyway it seems that they can in fact calculate the rate based on the situation, of course I am unsure if this would be the case anywhere else.

All in all it was a very smooth and enjoyable trip. Again I really appreciated everyones input and it certainly helped me have a feel for everything as we progressed. I look forward to keeping active here and chiming in on things when I can. Thanks again everyone!

Berkeley Springs. I'm presuming you went to Hancock and then south on 522?


--- Quote from: hbelkins on October 14, 2021, 10:57:32 AM ---Berkeley Springs. I'm presuming you went to Hancock and then south on 522?

--- End quote ---

Yup that is exactly what we did. She was able to find a cute little place right in the heart of town so 522 was essentially the end of the journey with the trailer anyway.


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