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--- Quote from: bing101 on July 23, 2021, 10:53:46 AM ---Here is a tour from the area of the Olympics.

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Unfortunately, I forgot the timestamp, but somewhere on this video, you see a six aspect signal where a red ball, green left arrow and green straight arrow are displayed.  It was a little disconcerting to see people proceed at full speed on a red ball, but obviously the red ball controls the right turn (against opposing traffic in Japan and other left side countries) and the green arrows control the straight and left movements.

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I'm noticing this right around the 21:00 mark.

This is basically how Japan does protected-only signals. Unlike American signals, however, the green arrows do not immediately mean "protected movement". As you can see in the video, left turns still have to yield to the crosswalk on a green left arrow. Of course, it may be that left-facing green arrows mean "movement in this direction permitted", not protected, apart from right turn green arrows (which are protected).

I do wish Japan would innovate a little in the signal area. The current setup is fine if there is no intent to ever use protected phasing. And to be fair, Japan rarely used protected-only phasing, even at double or triple right turns, so there was rarely a reason to innovate. But if they intend to make this more common, they should consider using maybe flashing yellow arrows or something. The current setup is a little awkward.


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