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Started by DesertDog, July 24, 2014, 08:21:45 PM

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I mainly used AAroads for signage information over the years.  What sites have you all found useful for road and highway information?  Here are some of my favorites:
-  This is a good site for US Route logs and description on signage history.  Not many pictures but not short on fact and figures.  This site actually has a ton of information on the old and modern Florida Road system.
-  This site is shows almost all the historic and current end points for US Routes.  It has literally every US Route that existed on greatly defined map.  This is probably the best site for finding historic road alignments and end points.  Lots of signage photos are here as well.
-  This a great site for information on the Interstate System.  This is very similar to USends except with a larger emphasis on photos instead of maps.
-  Not exactly the best looking site but this guy did a ton of research into the New Mexico Highway system.  This is one of the harder states to get accurate highway information on and this guy has basically everything you could want that is New Mexico.
-  This is a great site on Route 66.  I used this site as a reference for a lot of the Old 66 road alignments which detailed extensively, or at least more so than I can find on most sites.  This sites has a lot of reference maps.
-  Another good Route 66 site that has a lot of information, photos and maps.  Also very good for old 66 alignments.
-  This site hasn't been updated in a long time but contains a ton of information and photos on Arizona Roads.  Since the system hasn't changed much in rural areas most of the information still accurate.  There is some highly detailed maps of Arizona and New Mexico along with a nice goof signage stub.
-  This is a very good site for anything highway related to the state of Connecticut.
-  An excellent site for anything related to California Highways.  This site is mostly informational, so if you are more into pictures rather than reading it isn't for you.
-  A very well put together and good looking site for Michigan highways.  Contains a ton of information that is very organized.
-  I saw someone suggest this here on the forum.  Very cursory information but it gives you ideas what to look for a quick road trip adventure on the twisties and turnies.
-  Solid site on US Route 6.
-  A solid site on the often overlooked US 89.


Great site, hosted by Steve Alpert (Alps). Lots of photos, lots of history, lots of everything.
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Some of my go-to highway sites: (Really good page about highways in Iowa, including tons of history) (The Illinois highways page, really useful when I was looking for history about highways in IL) has the same author as the aforementioned Michigan Highways page, and the content is equally extensive and useful.

I also use usends, the Michigan Highways page, and Kurumi's site mentioned in the OP.

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I try to link to relevant road sites on a state to state basis on the newer guides for AARoads.

Those include Steve Anderson's web sites, which are a great resource for highway history and backgrounds:

Other worthwhile sites include Jeff Kitsko's PAHighways:
Mark Sinsabaugh's NY Routes:
Oscar Voss' Hawaii Highways:
etc. etc.


CalTrans is where I go for project information.  There are usually more links to be found when digging around that wind up giving even more detail.  Here's an example using District 1's webpage:

For fun drives via YouTube it is hard to beat Freeway Brent's offerings.  Doing speeded up camera work, Brent eats those miles up in a hurry!

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-  Usually I'm not a fan of how most DOT sites are laid out but this one is pretty user friendly.  It is pretty cut and dry but has a ton of historical maps of the Nevada Highway, it basically has every single year back to the 1910s scanned on PDF.

If you like the historic Nevada maps, you might try looking at this site:

It's the same map collection as NDOT's, maintained by the map library at UNR. While the maps aren't PDFs you can download, they are in at much higher resolution and are displayed in a JPEG viewer format that allows high-quality closeup viewing.
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Wikipedia can be a great source of road information, depending on the state. A lot of the information on Oklahoma roads I've contributed there has not previously been on the Web in an easily accessible form.
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Ditto with California. is a semi-accurate indicator of how good a state is doing: the lower the omega, the better quality coverage there generally is. has all of the California Highways and Public Works journals, free for download. There's other gems like this scattered around the Internet, if you know where to look.



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TX county maps online (1993-1996)

TX county maps online, alternate site (1993-1996)

TX county maps online (2006)
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TxDOT projects (special sites as well as by district)

TxDOT Highway Designation Files
(usually includes issuance, span/ends, distance (not always accurate), historical background (at times))
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Road Terminology glossary (AlpsRoads)'s FAQ
(the still-online reference which dates back to the old misc.transport.road days)
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Maryland Roads has information on every interstate, US, and state highway in Maryland. We will be working to update a lot of the info and pictures in the coming days/months.



Here's a good site for the Tri-State area (Quad Cities, Chicagoland, Rockford, Milwaukee, NW Indiana region). Traffic conditions and road projects for a number of Midwestern states from each respective DOT
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Washington State Resources

Washington State Fansites

  • Wikipedia: A small group (often only me) of roadgeeks attempt to improve encyclopedic coverage of Washington's highways.
  • Highways of Washington State: Mark Bozanich's website with the history of every state-designated highway, since 1937
  • Corco Highways - Washington: Corco's completed journey to clinch every state highway in Washington, with photos of state highway shields
  • Washington State Highways Blog: Sotosoroto's attempt to clinch every state highway in Washington in consecutive numerical order, ongoing since February 2008; currently just under two-thirds of the way there, at the 129th of 195


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Quote from: Scott5114 on July 26, 2014, 08:48:00 PM
Wikipedia can be a great source of road information, depending on the state. A lot of the information on Oklahoma roads I've contributed there has not previously been on the Web in an easily accessible form.

At about age 8 or 9, when I really started absorbing information about roads, and even things today, Wikipedia has always been good, and a place Ive gone to a lot to retrieve information about roads. As for proposals, I have used various different sites to learn about proposals, and for upcoming projects, DOT websites are always good. I've even learned some things from some of the threads on here, as well.
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pre-1945 Florida route log

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For NC here is a pretty useful site, not recently updated but has a ton of good info and pictures:

Another site that I pay close attention to, as it details plans in the works that will (eventually) shorten the time it takes me to get in and out of the New Bern area at the beginning and end of my road trips:

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