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Well, from first hand experience, I would much rather take that extra few minutes to bypass around. First, I would at least be moving at a faster rate of speed and second, yes, I would be saving $4. And given this current economic rut our country is in, every $4 counts!

And how did you achieve your "average" traffic time?

**I was incorrect in my dollar figure for the toll all this time! It's $4.00, not $5.00 as I previously indicated way back in February...**


--- Quote from: froggie on February 17, 2009, 05:24:44 PM ---A combination of speed limit-distance computation and personal experience (of which I've had a bit lately, with all these DC-Vermont trips I've been taking).

One thing I don't understand about your comment.  If it takes longer to bypass around, how can that be "moving at a faster rate of speed"?

--- End quote ---

Nice deduction.

Well, if someone is moving constantly along a side road at 40 mph, then aren't they moving faster than someone who is constantly crawling along the freeway (or tollway in this case) at 10 mph??

It feels better to go 40 than 10 even if the trip will be a hair longer because of it.  I'd do that every time just because it's not annoying.

The article does not give the full list.
State installing more red-light cameras

Associated Press - March 11, 2009

DOVER – State transportation officials say 10 more red-light cameras are set to be installed on state highways this year.

The state already has 20 cameras and state transportation officials say they handed out 40,000 red-light citations last year and made around $2 million off the cameras, but imagine several will be in New Castle County.

Transportation officials say red-light cameras make intersections safer, but some drivers say the cameras can be a safety hazard.

Crews started installing cameras this week at the Old Landing Road and Munchy Branch Road intersections on Del. 1 near Rehoboth Beach. Another camera is set to go up at the intersection of Scarborough Road and U.S. 13 in north Dover.

Transportation officials say they have the funding, but not the final approval from the state for the rest of the cameras.

Big brother is watching you!   :-P


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