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Some updates from the Rockford area:

Illinois Route 173 in Machesney Park, which has had massive commercial development within the past 5 or so years (not surprisingly, after the I-90 exit opened), is now 4 lanes from Illinois 251 to near the Rockford Speedway.  The last phase of the project will make the road 4 lanes out to the Tollway....good news with traffic counts exceeding 30,000 vehicles per day.

Illinois Route 2 construction continues between Rockford and Rockton.  A new, 4-lane divided highway will replace the existing 2-lane road (which will become an east side frontage road).  This new section of highway is from of Bauer Pkwy (Toll Bridge) to just north of Latham Road.  The new approximately 3 mile highway is already paved with traffic lights in place....not sure of the exact opening date.  After this stretch is opened, nearly 18 of the 21 miles of Illinois 2 from Beloit south to the Chicago Rockford International Airport will be 4 or more lanes.

Revive 755:
Dusting off this thread since I don't believe the two points below warrant starting a new thread:

* On WB I-90 there is a 'speed enforced by aircraft' sign a short distance west of IL 59 with a symbol that appeared more like a predator drone than an aircraft - or could be I didn't get a good look at the sign.

* The I-90 interchange with IL 47 is almost complete.  The new WB I-90 to SB IL 47 loop ramp is open.  The permanent(?) BGS's on WB I-90 approaching the interchange are up with the the I-Pass Only/Cash not accepted part mostly covered.  The signs lack an exit number.

This week, the installs of the exit gore signs with EXIT NUMBERS was completed on I-355.

Couple of interesting notes. First, the collector lane gore sign for SB 355 to IL 56 Butterfield Rd and I-88 is initially signed "Ramp 22". The exit for Butterfield is just a regular Exit 22 but there is no exit number for the I-88 ramps.

Secondly, NB 355 approaching I-88 and US 34 Ogden Ave, the I-88 ramp says "Ramp 20A" and Ogden Ave is "Exit 20B". The odd thing though is SB 355 to Ogden Ave is "Exit 19" even though the interchange with Ogden Ave is a regular full diamond.

The Exit tabs on the BGSs have not been added yet to the toll section of 355.

FYI- as a regular user of I-90/I-39, the eastbound/southbound traffic between South Beloit and Rockton Road is now using the new pavement and you are no longer squeezed in sharing the westbound/northbound lanes.  The third lane is still not open (on both sides) and there are plenty of barriers to move as well as restriping on both sides, but I don't see them taking more than a week or two to finish this.   

But I fear they will drag this out and those 55 MPH signs will remain posted until Turkey Day travel week. :banghead: 

Rick Powell:
IL 47 reconstruction and add-lanes through Yorkville is well underway with the old retaining wall by the courthouse gone (the wall was an ugly landmark) and several buildings removed.  Most of the big storm sewer has been put in place on the south side of the Fox River, and new Northbound concrete pavement is in place for several blocks (traffic is still squeezed to the west side with about 18 feet of clearance for both lanes).  Like the previous IL 47 project in Huntley, it's a nice drive-through if you're looking for construction activity, but a route you'd want to avoid in the AM and PM if you're just travelling.

Later this month, IDOT will be taking bids for reconstruction and adding lanes to IL 47 in Grundy County, from Morris north to the county line.


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