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Author Topic: Newberg-Dundee Bypass  (Read 2658 times)


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Re: Newberg-Dundee Bypass
« Reply #50 on: February 03, 2018, 01:19:45 AM »

The bypass should be 99W and the original route Business 99W.  That is too simple and logical for ODOT to comprehend apparently.  Never confuse the driver!

I have to wonder if it is ODOT's long-term intent to decommission 99W and 99E altogether, and assign new route numbers to whatever section that has to remain.  If Oregon 18 continues east, why not have it continue all the way to I-5 at the Portland-Tigard city line - that would eliminate 99W east of Newberg and potentially east of McDougall's Corner.  Extend Highway 47 south and you don't need 99W at all.

If you look at 99E, it's already been eliminated in downtown Salem, and on the Jefferson Highway segment between Ankeny Hill and Millersburg.  It's being slowly erased in Portland (north of Powell Boulevard/U.S. 26), and I'm sure ODOT would love to get rid of the McLoughlin Boulevard segment, leaving just Oregon City-North Salem, and Albany-Junction City.  Albany-Junction City has so little traffic, it might make sense to relinquish it to Linn and Lane Counties; relinquish the Jefferson Highway...and that leaves just one remaining segment from I-5 to I-205.


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Re: Newberg-Dundee Bypass
« Reply #51 on: February 13, 2018, 08:43:17 PM »

Bumping this thread to promote the first of my multipart Newberg-Dundee Bypass blog entries. Part 1 deals with its precursors, the Dayton and McMinnville Bypasses, the first one built 1957-59 and the second built 1963-64.

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