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FL-9A now Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway

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Just saw this article on

And here's an interesting quote from it regarding it becoming I-295:

--- Quote ---Why is Florida 9A getting this honorary designation?

State Rep. Ronald “Doc” Renuart,  R-Ponte Vedra Beach, sponsored legislation during the 2009 legislative session giving Florida 9A this designation. Renuart said the idea came to him from some constituents who said Florida 9A seemed like a good road to honor Reagan because the roadway were first drawn up when Reagan was president.

The Legislature loses the ability to put honorary designations on roads when the federal government takes over a road. By granting the designation now, it will remain in place when 9A becomes I-295.

--- End quote ---

Isn't the Florida Turnpike named in honor of President Reagan?

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--- Quote from: Bryant5493 on September 05, 2009, 09:45:29 AM ---Isn't the Florida Turnpike named in honor of President Reagan?

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--- End quote ---

Never heard that one.  But I see supporting evidence on Wikipedia.  Is it signed as such?  Wiki just said "legislative designation" whatever that means.

I know the former East-West Tollway in Illinois is.

Yeah, there are signs along the Turnpike stating it's the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, but no signs at interchanges. Isn't there some other figure or people that SR 9A could be named after? Or simply, Ft. Caroline Memorial Highway? Just because NE Florida lost out on the Turnpike doesn't mean they need to be jealous that there isn't a highway named after Reagan up there. Ridiculous. If this happens, then the Panhandle will want some Reagan Roadway.  :pan:


really, do they need to name it after anyone else?  Governor 9A was a great statesman and the highway should continue to bear his name.


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