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The extend I-20 to Wilmington, NC proposal

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It all started earlier this decade when then NC Governor Mike Easily made this proposal.  SCDOT didn't like the idea...why extend an Interstate through their state when it will solely benefit another.

Well, it seemed dead - but a simple Q&A article in the Wilmington Star News sheds new light on the proposal.

Bob Malme - who received the article from a reader - posts more detail and commentary here:

Looks like a good idea. SC should be a little less selfish, if all states thought that way back in the 60's, half of the interstate system wouldn't exist...

I think its a good idea because it will give Wilmington a second hurricane route.

It would give Myrtle Beach a semi-interstate connection until I-74 comes through to pick up the pieces.

SP Cook:
Can NC not understand how the interstate system is supposed to work?


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