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Florida Interstate 6-laning (and wider)

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I know that there is widening of I-95 starting around FL 528 and 8-lane(6 Regular, 3 HOV presumably) widening of I-95 in the W Palm Beach area.

They'll probably need to 8-lane I-95 throughout Florida quite soon as well. First time driving on the 6-lane I-95 between JAX and Daytona, it was a pleasant change over the annoyance of just 4 lanes, but 2 years later, it already felt like I-95 saw the same number of traffic per lane as when it was still 4 lanes.

Actually the four-lane section of Interstate 95 south of Interstate 4 and north of the Beachline is not too bad in its current form. A six-laning would be useful, but eight-laning is probably more than necessary right now.

I think six-laning 95 is incredibly smart and makes way too much sense. More states should look at Florida as an example.

Texas desperately needs to widen I-10 from east San Antonio to Katy (near Houston). There's no such thing as a fast lane most days on that stretch.


--- Quote from: froggie on February 14, 2009, 05:09:49 PM ---Generally speaking, you need traffic volumes generally in the 100-120K range before a 6-lane freeway starts getting congested (moreso on the higher end of the scale).  Only places I-95 sees that are within Jacksonville and from West Palm Beach south.

--- End quote ---

Yep. There are freeways known to have up to 180 k on six lanes. But that should not be desireable. In France, the average AADT is only 60 - 70 k on their busiest tollroad (A7) but it's sixlaned, and they're even talking about ten-laning it because of huge summer tidal waves. The traffic jams there can be over 100 miles long during the so-called black saturdays.
Maybe that's also an issue in Florida, does the I-95 get bigger summer traffic volumes? I guess so, because the entire Florida eastcoast is a big holiday destination.


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