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Arkansas State Highway 569?

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This is just a question that I want to ask here.

Both of Arkansas's temporary designations for interstate highways are signed state highways that begin with a 5... I wonder if the temporary designation for any sections of what would become I-69 would use this number too (similar to AR 530 and AR 549). I'm not sure if there's any sort of proof that this applies to any future interstate designation but I'm curious to see what happens next.

One or more instances of "AR-569" routes are bound to happen.

Given all the funding limits, and those funds having to feed many mouths the various projects for I-49, I-69 and I-57 will have to be done many phases and gradually build up to being Interstate quality. The Alma-Barling segment of I-49 is going to be built initially as a 2-lane facility. Then the other 2 lanes will be added later. I think much of I-49 between Fort Smith and Texarkana will be built in that manner. Just 2 lanes at a time. AR-530 in Southern Arkansas has been a disconnected Super-2 for quite some time now.

Segments of I-69 in Southern Arkansas are bound to be laid out initially as basic Super-2 just to get ROW secured. The indefinite hold on the Great River Bridge project makes it even more likely AR DOT will proceed slowly with its portion of I-69.

Arkansas is actually going to have to  build some of I-69 or at least do more work on the existent roads that it would seemingly subsume before that can even be a thought.

Outside east central Arkansas (Desha, Arkansas, and Drew Counties) I-69 isn't even an afterthought ESPECIALLY in Little Rock!

How is the Monticello Bypass signed? If it doesn't already carry a route designation it could be called AR-569.


--- Quote from: Bobby5280 on October 15, 2021, 10:48:28 AM ---How is the Monticello Bypass signed? If it doesn't already carry a route designation it could be called AR-569.

--- End quote ---

You may be right.. More likely it will be signed as US-278 or as AR278.

The Arkansas routing of I-69 is just a pig trail anyway.  It is an intrastate routing designed to run close by every significant politician in the southeastern quadrant of Arkansas.  It makes US-190 from Temple to Woodville (Texas) seem straight and well planned.


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